Man Found Dead in Mbarara Church

The Uganda Law Society (ULS) wants among others in the current Constitutional amendment debate, visit Uganda Peoples Defense Forces and women representatives kicked out of the National Assembly.

The Law Society delegation on Thursday met the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of Parliament which is currently scrutinizing the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2015, help with a set of 28 pieces of amendments proposals, patient the largest number so far received by the Committee.

The legal minds body despite being headed by a woman, says the 1995 constitutional provision for affirmative action that gives 112 women  special seats at Parliament is irrelevant and should be scrapped or significantly reduced and that of the national army representation should be abolished.

“Article 78 (1)(b) of the 1995 Constitution that guarantees Women representation should amended to eliminate the district women Members of Parliament.

Women representatives should be voted on regional basis like the representatives of youths and persons with disabilities.” Part of their long submission says, maintaining that 112 women MPs have led to unnecessary increase in the number of Parliamentarians.

Still on representation, the ULS wants  the same Article 78 (1)(c) also amended to eliminate UPDF representatives or reduce their number by half to a maximum of 5.

“In view of democratic practice across the world the presence of the army does not facilitate free debate in Parliament. On the other hand, army representation in Parliament is redundant in a country that has gone through democratic transition and it dilutes non partisan spirit.”

The law society also argues that the Article 2(2) that defines the supremacy of the Constitution is restrictive in nature and should be amended to allow the implementation of particular International instruments after ratification.

“The Article 2 is limiting in as far as it maintains the Constitution as the supreme law rendering other laws in its contravention invalid.”

Just like in neighbouring Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi, the ULS wants the right to health be included in the Bill of Rights enshrined in chapter 4 of the Constitution. If included, the right to health of all citizens would be an obligation on the State to guarantee and failure of which the State can be held accountable.

They also wants Article 80 amended to increase the minimum age requirement for a Member of Parliament from 18 to 25 saying at 25 the member is better positioned to comprehend issues in a more matured and structured manner.

Still on Article 80, they want the minimum qualification be a graduate or a diploma holder from a recognized university or other tertiary institution.

To encourage neutrality and independence, the Speaker of Parliament should not be from any political party but appointed by the Parliamentary Commission for two terms through an independent process.

Cabinet ministers should also not be elected members of Parliament and in case an MP is appointed a  minister, he or she should vacate the Parliamentary seat.

The debate on the amendments is continuing on the same committee that has a total of 45 days to conclude and report to the whole house.
Police detectives on Thursday discovered a dead body in Flames Church Kisenyi Mbarara Municipality.

Chris Tumwebaze 24, adiposity from Kabale district was found lying lifeless in the church reportedly after a short illness.

He was reportedly serving as an usher in the church.

Pastor Davis Arijuna, pill the church senior pastor said Tumwebaze had tested HIV positive some time back.

Pastor Davies in his office

Pastor Davies in his office

“I’ve paid hospital bills for this young man together with his brother Robinson and when results came out, Chris was HIV positive” Davis said

The pastor further said that the deceased was a student in MUBS University Mbarara, but he quit studying due to alcohol, before he gave his life to God.

The deceased’s relatives were contacted but none of them came to pick the body, which has now been taken to the Mbarara Hospital Mortuary.

OC CIID David Ibanda blamed urged churches to always seek medical help for their sick members.


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