Man Convicted for Unlawful Possession of Tortoises


Gladys Kamasanyu, physician the grade one magistrate of the Standards, prostate Utilities and Wildlife Court sitting at Buganda Road Court has convicted Dennis Omoni, a resident of Amuru district for unlawful possession 8 tortoises (Protected species).

Omoni was convicted on his own guilty plea after accepting that he was caught red-handed with the tortoises which he claims were disturbing his fish farm.

The magistrate having considered Omoni’s remorsefulness, sentenced the convict to caution and warned him never to play around with protected species because they don’t belong to anybody but all Ugandans.

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“It’s our responsibility to protect nature; destroying it for whatever reasons affects the country, the foreign exchange rate by reducing on the number of tourists coming in.”

The magistrate added that killing such species is a very serious offence because it denies the future generations a chance to see these rare animals that face extinction once not handled properly.

“When you are released make sure you stay away from protected species of all kinds because once you repeat it and you are brought back you will face a serious punishment of imprisonment of not less than one year and not more than 5 years as provided for under the amended Wildlife Act” magistrate added.

Omoni was arrested early last month in Amuru district with 8 tortoises at his home.

Some of these tortoises were let back into the jungle while others were handed over to Uganda Wildlife Authority.


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