Man Confesses to Lying About Pastor Kayanja’s Sexuality

Moses Muwanguzi yesterday apologized to Pastor Robert Kayanja for lying about his sexuality (Channel 44 Photos)

A man who claimed in 2009 that he was sexually molested by Pastor Robert Kayanja of the Rubaga Cathedral has confessed he lied and apologized.

Moses Muwanguzi went to the church on Friday night and begged to be forgiven for maligning the man of God. He said he was misled and paid by other pastors to taint the name of Mr Kayanja.

According to Kayanja’s own Channel 44 Television, cialis 40mg last night during overnight prayers Muwanguzi came up to the pulpit together with his mother and another of his siblings, check to tell the whole story.

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“He apologized to the pastor for all the false accusations he made against him, though excused himself that he was working as a puppet with the control in some people’s hands,” the TV Channel reported.

“This man read a long list of pastors who he says were financing him to do what he did.”

Muwangizi came with his mother and sister to apologize to Pastor Kayanja

Muwangizi came with his mother and sister to apologize to Pastor Kayanja

Mr Muwanguzi was back in May last year, found guilty of corruption and conspiring to destroy Kayanja’s name and profession by the Kampala Anti Corruption Court.

He was found by Grade One Magistrate Agnes Alum to have fabricated evidence and destroying evidence. He pleaded guilty to the charges.

Before his conviction, he confessed to have been misled by his co-accused, Ibrahim Nsubuga, to tarnish Pastor Kayanja’s name by portraying him as a homosexual.

During yesterday’s confession according to Channel 44, Muwanguzi’s mother fells down on the floor and rolled as his son confessed before the packed church.

“Pastor Kayanja and his wife also at the pulpit joined by his wife and kids and (shed) tears at the memory of the humiliation they were accorded from the general public. He however, forgave and blessed this gentleman’s family and prophesied prosperity upon him.”


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