Makerere To Reopen Campus FM, Get New Television

Makerere Guild President David Bala in Campus FM studios

Makerere University’s FM Radio that has since 2009 been closed could be reopened soon according to Dr. William Tayebwa the head of Journalism Department.

Dr. Tayebwa made the communication this afternoon while meeting with the Guild president Bala David Bwiruka together with his cabinet.

During the meeting, page Dr. William Tayebwa noted that Campus FM was closed in 2009 and the license taken in 2011 by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

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He added that the major reason for its closure was failure by the university to pay license fees of 3million per year which kept accumulating to 15 million awed to the UCC.

“All radio stations in Uganda as per the UCC regulations pay Shs 3 million as license fees, purchase and since we had been given a commercial frequency 107 FM, pharm at first, the university was ready to pay this money.” Dr Tayebwa said.

However, the university declined to pay after a while since the radio wasn’t making financial returns.

‘I don’t know why the university can’t fund the only lab in the Humanities yet it injects a lot of money in other labs like in chemistry, physics and others,” Tayebwa said.

Campus FM is said to have also been closed due to lack of filters but United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) donated the equipment to the department and now it is fully set.

“As years passed, the debt kept accumulating and as of now, the university has to first pay a debt of 15 million shillings. UCC has instructed us to reapply, however, our case is unique, and Campus FM is a student’s lab / studio that should not be paying,” Dr. Tayebwa added.

According to UCC, FM stations within Kampala can no longer get a frequency to any FM station because the spectrum is over.

Dr. Tayebwa said the department has made its case to UCC and they have been promised a frequency after the digital migration in June.

“We are very optimistic to have it after the transfer from analogue to digital.” He said.

The department is in talks with the administration regarding finding a relatively bigger space for the radio since its current premises are too small.

“I have discussed with the Deputy vice Chancellor Finance & Administration Prof. Nawangwe about it and they have allocated us some space in Mitchell hall for the relocation of the radio and TV,” he added.

The department has also received request from Vision group to take on the radio as well as Nation Media Group and UNESCO to open up other studios as well as opening up the MAK TV.

The guild president promised to work with the department in developing these projects to rebrand Makerere University.

“As we have always said, it is our request that we are brought on board as students and we know what is happening. If as students we deem it important, we can come up with a drive to solicit for funds to run campus FM than the university administration imposing money on us.

What I know, as students we are very much positive and more than willing to see things move,” Bala said.

Bala David was accompanied by his deputy Phiona Nyamutooro and several other cabinet ministers.

The team was welcomed on invitation and arrangement by the guild information minister Hon. Davidson Ndyabahika.



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