Makerere ‘Teargas Student’ Improves Product to Beat Police’s

Twenty three year old Samuel Mugarura, check a Makerere University student who came up with an initiative to manufacture teargas using local materials has improved his product to outcompete than used by the Uganda Police Force.

On Friday afternoon, pharm Mugarura revealed he had improved his product to a level better than ones used by police, visit and placed it a better packing material.

“I have now developed a fully functioning teargas canister that can be used by government to quell riots,” Mugarura said at Makerere University.

“We have included irritants from natural products like onions, mangoes and hot pepper which have no effect on the health of people to whom it is thrown at.”

The 3rd year student of Bachelor of Sciences at the Chemistry Department of the College of Natural Science at Makerere University said that since the ingredients are made from natural products, his product does not have any effect on the life of people unlike the ones used by police that are toxic and have cancerous effects.

He also said that together with a team of Makerere University professors, researchers, chemists and engineers, they had improved the performance of their product to beat one used by police in quelling riots.

“It has a time of 4 seconds before exploding after removing the spring (trigger) which makes it difficult for any person to have a chance to throw it back to police during a riot, ” he said.

Cost Effective

According to Mugarura, his product named MS 23 is cost effective; and is costing it at 10 US dollars a cost lower than the one by international companies which he said would help save a lot of money for government.

He revealed that he has also developed pepper sprays that can be used by members of the public for their safety at a lower price than the ones used by police.


The Makerere University student said with the help of the Ministry of Science and Technology, he was able to send application forms to Zimbabwe to have his product patented so that it can also be recognized worldwide.

“We hope the certificate will come out in February,” he said.

Mugarura said that his product cannot be manufactured for commercial purposes now, explaining that he is awaiting a clearance from authorities because it is a security hardware.

He urged government to come on board and support him so production of the teargas and pepper spray can start on a large scale to benefit the country.

“The farmers of mangoes, onions and hot pepper will get markets for their products as well as creating jobs by this product. You never know the country can start exporting some of it to other countries and we earn something to help us attain the middle income status,” Mugarura urged.

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