Makerere Students to Pay Full Tuition by 12th Week


Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has Tuesday received the final report on the review of Makerere university tuition policy which has caused numerous student protest at ‘the ivory tower’.

In the new revised policy, here students will be required to complete 100% fees payment within the first twelve weeks of the semester.

Each student will pay a fees deposit of Ughs 200, illness 000 not later than the first 3 weeks failure of which will attract a Ugshs 20, medical 000 fine.

Thomas Tayebwa who chaired the stakeholders committee appointed by Prime Minister Rugunda on June 17 to undertake the review process said that students’ registration will be done by the 3rd week with a Ugshs 50,000 for late registratrion.

The committee held meetings and intensive consultations with stakeholders including students. The controversial policy that required students to complete their fees by sixth week was subsequently revoked.

However the committee maintained the 60% fees payment procedure for new students before admission letters are issued.

“To encourage early payment of fees, we propose that the university offers incentives to students who will have paid all the fees by the 6th week. Makerere should utilize opportunities such as the guaranteed
internship placements as rewards to students,” Tayebwa said.

The deadline for all fees, full registration and issuing examination permits shall be the 15th week of a semester.

The committee recommends that government takes over the entire wage bill of Makerere university. Tayebwa said 75% of the institution’s budget goes into staff remuneration which stiffles development.

“Makerere contributes Ugshs 2.5Bn per month to the wage bill. Government gives the institution Ugshs 160M annually for development but these funds should instead go into paying staff,” he added.

Makerere University missed enrolment of atleast 3,000 students who were admitted last academic year which is majorly attributed to the deteriorating reputation due to repeated strikes.

Upon receiving the report, the Prime Minister hailed the committee for creating convergency adding that this would take the institution in the right direction.

“Makerere means a lot to this country and our economy as well. It has won Uganda a good reputation which we can’t afford to lose through unnecessary confrontations and bickering.”

Rugunda noted that Makerere should focus on its primary role of teaching and research so as to produce the much needed human resource required for Uganda’s development.

The Acting Guild President for Makerere University Jothan Burobuto who was among the 7 students representatives on the committee referred to the new policy as relatively favorable and agreeable.

“Much as our proposals as students were not fully considered, we believe that we are in a better place than we were yesterday. We hope that State House sponsored students will also adhere to the new tuition policy,” Burobuto said.

He asked government to also find a way of discussing and resolving the other long standing issues affecting the university.


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