Makerere Students Propose Amendments to New Tuition Policy

The meeting attracted many students, former GRCs and the current ones.

A day after Makerere University evoked the 60% tuition policy and released a new draft policy, hospital students have proposed further review of the new policy which they say has introduced requirements more or similar to those in the previous 60% policy. Students gathered on Saturday in a consultative meeting at the main campus to discuss the new policy that was drafted by the review committee appointed by Prime Minister Rugunda.

The meeting was summoned by the Acting Guild President, prescription Jothan Burobuto who represents students in the review committee.

While there was consensus that it is necessary for students to part with a reasonable fee to enable the university run its operations such as utilities at the start of the semester, viagra order students want the deadline for this ‘commitment fee’ pushed from two weeks to four (a month). There was also concern that the new policy doesn’t clearly stipulate how the tuition fee is broken down so as to provide a rationale for the Ugsh 200,000 commitment fee.

Another common ground reached by the two sides; students and Administration is that students must have fully paid (100%) their tuition fees by the twelfth week.

They also opposed the two weeks deadline for registration since majority of students often report for studies 3 weeks after the opening of the semester. Instead, they proposed that registration be pushed to 6 weeks like it has been previously and late registration be penalized with a Ugsh 50,000 fine as opposed to the Ugshs 100,000 in the new tentative policy.

During the heated meeting, many opined that the new strict provisions were ‘a disguised way of increasing culprits by collecting more money’ which serves to the benefit of the Administration.

Acting Guild President Jothan Burobuto (L) adressing students on Saturday

Speaking to Chimpreports shortly after the meeting, Jothan Burobuto said; “I’m happy about the discussion today, students tried to be reasonable understanding that the university needs some money to be run. The submissions were progressive and if we went to the committee today, we should have a substantive position to present.”

He however added that as a students’ representative, he would need a ‘more solid’ proposal to the committee and believes that Saturday’s submissions hadn’t comprehensively achieved that.

“We are going to engage the students further and perhaps try to share with the Administration our concerns so we can reach an agreement,” added Burobuto.

The draft tuition policy proposed by the review committee categorizes 3 windows of payment according to students’ different financial capabilities. This also sparked off debate among students as some argued that there was need to formulate one general policy with an alternative window for those who can’t fit in.

Ian Ndamwesiga a student of Civil Engineering told Chimpreports; “We are suggesting that the 3 windows are merged whereby window one is the main policy then a second window that targets students work while studying. This way they can have a monthly plan of paying their tuition.”

He appreciated that for the first time the University Administration has made an effort to consult students while formulating a policy. The review committee will sit on June 30 to discuss the students’ recommendations before forwarding its position to the University council.


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