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Makerere Student Denis Enap Eyes EALA Seat

Denis Adim Enap

Makerere Law student and aide to Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) party president, visit this http://chrisbevingtonorganisation.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-module-users.php Jimmy Akena, hospital Denis Adim Enap is currently seeking mandate to represent the country before the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

EALA is set to hold elections for the MP for East African Parliament in 2017 as the term of the current members ends this year. UPC is currently represented by Chris Opaka.

Enap has told Chimpreports he is best suitable for the party nomination due to his strategic plan to use the platform to mobilize nationwide for the party.

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“When I am nominated, buy more about I will always join all Congress members in rooting for support for Party candidates whenever elections arise at my cost; I will root for support both physically and financially for the UPC at the East African Community as a way of diversifying our party sources of income for activities,” Enap said.

To that effect, Enap revealed that he will dedicate half of his salary earned from EALA to run different party activities including contributing Sh5, 000, 000 per month for five years to the party secretariat for office administration and Sh10m to the office of the president for mobilization.

At the national level, Enap promised to fight for full implementation of the standing East Africa Protocols already passed by EALA thereby putting a human face to the available legislation.

“You realize that we have lots of laws and protocols but we don’t have a human face put to them because there is no mechanism of implementation; I will ensure that the common man in the respective countries understands what the protocols are all about.”

Enap remarked that he will push for measures that will improve  communications and transport networks and encourage interstate tourism.


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