Makerere Reopening: Besigye Sets 10 Days Ultimatum

Kizza Besigye

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) 2016 presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye has determined to mobilize a national protest once President Museveni doesn’t reconsider the closure of Makerere University in the next 10 days.

The president recently set up a visitors’ committee to hold an inquiry into the management of Makerere University, ed following a sit down strike by lectures which later caused a demonstration by students.

Besigye told the media at his home in Kasangati on Tuesday that the closure was unnecessary and demanded its immediate reopening.

“The set up of the commission led by Dr. Abel Rwendaire was uncalled for since there is already a comprehensive inquiry that was carried out 2 years ago by Prof. Omaswa whose 204 page report had never been put to use,” Besigye said.

Besigye noted that Omaswa’s report covers all the issues that are currently being tabled calling upon the current commission to simply pick up the Omwasa report and hand it over to government so as to save resources since there is nothing new that will be captured.

“Parents, students and Ugandans should not continue to be subjected to the unnecessary suffering as a result of an illegitimate regime of Museveni; our students shouldn’t wait for 3 months while the committee consumes our money,” Besigye Said.

Besigye then threatened, “If Makerere isn’t opened in 10 days, we are going to call for a national protest to force its opening.”

“We are simply going to protest what is being done in respect to Makerere; we call upon all Ugandans to engage the issue as a matter of national importance.”

“We will engage all parts of the country in a countdown, let them wait and see what will happen; our people should act now and save our country.”


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