Makerere: Reduction in Revenues, Low Unit Cost Have Stifled Operations

Uganda’s top institution of learning Makerere University has perennially been entangled in financial woes that have stifled the smooth running of the university.

Several of the strikes waged by students and staff (teaching and non-teaching) have stemmed out of financial related issues including fees hikes, viagra 60mg inadequate salary emoluments and claims of lack of accountability and transparency.

On the other hand, the university has also persistently decried the inadequate funding from government which they say is too less to sustain the day to day operations of the institution.

On Tuesday, the university management revealed that there has been significant can’t reductions in revenues generated from the private sponsored students.

“Since 2006, the University the internally generated funds have srlteadily reduced due to several reasons. The intake of students was reduced by 10% at the College of Computing and Information Sciences and Management Sciences yet these were the most populated colleges,” Prof. Ddumba Ssentamu the Vice Chancellor said.

The number of international students has also reduced significantly over the last five years following a 2005, government directed all public universities to charge local fees to international students.

According to Makerere Vice Chancellor in charge of Finance, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, all previous studies have shown that the fees paid by the students are grossly under stated.

“A study conducted by the Auditor General on the unit cost revealed that the fees paid in courses such as Medicine and Humanities was much lower than the fees paid,” Prof. Nawangwe added.

Management also commented on the long standing revenue deficit which currently stands at Ugsh 72.92 billion for three financial years. This partly explains why the university is unable meet its financial obligations including the staff incentive that led to closure of the university.

The recurrent and development budgets for Makerere University have remained under funded at Ugshs 24 billion and Ugshs 159million respectively.

Makerere’s internally generated finances fund activities like employee costs (Ugshs 59 billion), water and electricity (Ugshs 5.3 billion),  general expenses (Ugsh 7.9 billion) and development expenditure (Ugshs 2.3 billion)


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