Makerere Lecturer Isaac Ojok Joins EALA Race

Isaac Ojok Anok is giving another shot at the EALA seat

Isaac Ojok Anok, ask http://cayein.com/wp-admin/includes/misc.php a part time lecturer at Makerere University at the Institute of Banking is another Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) member that has come out seeking party nomination to represent the party and Uganda at the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

Ojok who contested in the 2012 EALA elections and lost to the incumbent Chris Opoka has joined Makerere student of law, information pills http://dayacounselling.on.ca/wp-content/plugins/ultimate_vc_addons/params/ultimate_select.php Denis Enap Adime in the race seeking the party flag.

Ojok believes that the incumbent hasn’t delivered to the party as expected and he thinks that once given the opportunity, he will help build up the party’s economic, social and political fibres.

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Ojok has also warned the party leadership against rumors that they plan to ‘ring fence’ the position in favor of the incumbent Chris Opoka.

“Personally I have not heard of President Jimmy Akena’s plans to ring fence the position but if this is true, he should know that he is blundering; the President shouldn’t be seen as a president for only one candidate,” Ojok said.

The lecturer has also opposed the proposals of either having the party Cabinet or the Parliamentary group determining the party’s sole candidate, noting that this would be against the rules of Procedure for EALA.

“The cardinal responsibility of each party is to forward the name (s) of that candidate who should campaign at the floor of the house and be voted upon by Parliament.”

“My view is that the party should nominate say a minimum of 5 interested members and forward them to Parliament so that we can sort ourselves from house.”

“The party should be sober to ensure that we are able to present our case on the floor of Parliament without blocking us by creation of Electoral College.”

The party is still silent on which organ of the party shall endorse the party nominee but has advised all interested members to file their applications with the party Electoral Commission.


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