Makerere Don Committed to High Court Over Rape

Law Development Center (LDC) court grade one magistrate Moses Baligeya has committed to High Court Christopher Bakuneta, web the 55 year old lecturer at the Makerere University’s College of Natural Sciences, approved for hearing of the Rape case against him.

This followed submission by the State Prosecutor Florence Birungi in which she informed court that
investigations in the matter were complete.

The Magistrate thus, stomach signed the indictment copy from the state before sending the accused to High Court.

The magistrate further informed Bakuneta of his rights, among them his entitlement to legal representation either by a privately paid lawyer or one facilitated by the state.

The indictment copy upon which Prof Bakuneta is accused, states that he on 24th March 2016 at 4pm raped Ntegeka Versha, a 22year old student of Makerere University forcefully entered her room, threw her on the floor, tore her knickers and had intercourse with her against her will.

The indictment further states that on 25th March the victim spoke to Karugabe Apollo and Odongo Florence who advised her to go for medical examination and later report the matter to Police which she did.

On 2nd April 2016 Bakuneta was examined on Police form 24 where he was found to be in normal mental state. Upon interrogation he denied having had sexual intercourse with the victim but later admitted to the crime.

Bakuneta has been remanded until the next convenient session of the High court



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