Makerere Closure: Public Universities Threaten to Close Too


Students under the Public Universities Students’ Forum (PUSF) have called upon President Museveni to heed to their call for Dialogue on issues to do with management of all public universities so as to find a lasting solution.

Short of this the students warned that they will mobilise amongst themselves to have all the other public universities shut down.

Students led by the chairperson PUSF, nurse Robert Mukembe, there who is also the Gulu University guild president, pills together with Marketeer guild president Roy Ssemboga told the media on Manday that in the students leaders meeting over the weekend, they resolved to seek audience before the president to request him to immediately have Makerere University reopened.

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Mukembe said that the decision that was taken by the president to have Makerere closed was rushed and uncalled for, yet it’s implications are far reaching and spilling to other public universities.

“We realise that the problems facing Makerere are the similar problems facing all other public universities and unless the president meets all stakeholders to dialogue over the issues, other universities might end up following suit,” Mukembe said.

“It’s true Makerere has debts and management issues but these same challenges are happening in other public universities; we shall not sit down and watch universities governed on directives from the president without considering we the greatly affected stakeholders,” Mukembe noted.

“The president should understand that the problems in Universities are not about payment of lectures but there are deep issues to take into account.”

On his part, Makerere guild president Roy Ssemboga warned that in case the president does heed to their call for dialogue, they will be left with no option but to act in solidarity to force the closure of all other public universities.

“We have written a letter to the Minister of Education but we are being tossed every now and then; if the President doesn’t hear us out, in solidarity we shall all go home because all universities are facing similar challenges.”



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