Mak Guild Chaos: Students Protest at High Court

Bazil Mwotta is protesting cancellation of his victory as Makerere's Guild boss

Tension broke out this afternoon at the High Court’s civil division in Kampala as Makerere University students protested after being informed by their lawyers that deliverance of ruling in a case in which they seek to declare their guild president   has been postponed to 2nd June 2016.

The ruling was slated for today; however the trial judge justice Stephen Musota extended it saying that he was not ready with the verdict.

On hearing the news, cost about 30 students started protesting inside the court premises chanting that they were tired of the court adjournments yet they are entering the examinations period.

“Every time we come to court, the case is adjourned on baseless weak reasons, how does it happen that the presiding judge scheduled a period of more than two weeks to deliver his decision yet up to now is compiling a verdict?  If he feels he is not able to deliver justice in this matter let him resign his office” one of the students shouted.

Makerere University Electoral Commission on March 11 declared Bazil Mwotta winner of the guild elections with 36.3% against Roy Ssembogga who got 33.6%.

However, the Makerere guild elections tribunal called for a recount of votes saying that in some polling parts at the compass there was unfairness, which Mwotta strongly challenged and rushed to court.

The ruling was first fixed on the 4th May 2016 before it was postponed to today.


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