Maj Nakalema Removed from State House, Sent to London

Maj Edith Nakalema (C) during her heydays as the president's powerful Private Secretary

President Museveni’s once powerful personal assistant, troche Maj Edith Nakalema has officially left State House.

Nakalema, who until last year served as the President’s Private Secretary, has been sent to London-based Shrivenham Defence Academy for a Senior Command and Staff College.

When contacted on phone by this reporter, Maj Nakalema confirmed the development, saying it is for the better since she is going advance her military knowledge.

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“Dick, it’s true I have been sent London for a course. I expect to improve on my military career and really appreciated it,” Maj Nakalema said.

She added that she would as well use the opportunity to pursue her Post Graduate Degree at Kings College London.

“I am also happy to inform that I will be doing my masters in Kings College London,” she added

Nakalema’s departure comes high on the heels of intense power struggle amongst the president’s private secretaries.

She was at one time accused of “highhandedness,” an accusation she vehemently denied.

Nakalema wielded immense power during her several years at State House and was believed to be more influential than the Principal Private Secretary who is actually her supervisor.

Increased cases of intrigues at State House saw the exit of former Presidential Assistant on Information, Sarah Kagingo, and former Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi now serving as Senior Presidential Advisor on Media.

The President’s Press Secretary, Don Wanyama said “it is true Maj Nakalema is leaving for senior command course,” adding, “It’s critical for her military career and has nothing to do with tension at State House.”

Wanyama said Nakalema is a “serving soldier” and that “her Commander-in-Chief has sent her for training.”


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