Maj. Kiggundu Murder: Tabliqs Blast Govt on Arrests

The Tabliq sect spokesperson Siraje Kifampa Nsambu addressing press in Kampala on Friday

Tabliqs under the Jamuiyyat Daawa Assalafiya have blasted government for arresting their leaders  in connection to the murder of Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu.

Three people were arrested on Thursday by police for allegedly having a connection in the murder of the former ADF Commander last month in Masanafu, page Lubaga division.

Addressing journalists at Nakasero Mosque on Friday, prescription the sect spokesperson Siraje Kifampa Nsambu said it is wrong for police to arrest their leaders in what they termed as humiliating and unprofessional manner.

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“These abrupt arrests without prior investigations have inflicted fear and panic among Muslims, case ” Kifampa said.

“We would like to express our dissatisfaction with government actions towards our leaders. ”
The Tabliq Muslims said government can summon whoever they want to answer any charges related to the murders, but arresting them is inappropriate.

Police last month arrested the acting leader of the Tabliq sect Sheikh Yahya Mwanje in connection to the murder of  Maj.Kiggundu.

The Muslims however said efforts to have their leader produced in court have proven futile, describing this state of affairs as selective application of justice.

“He has been in detention for almost a month yet (Wesley) Mumbere who was arrested later has appeared in court more than once, “the Muslim sect spokesperson added.

The Muslims also condemned what they described as continued killing of Muslims.

“We demand that the extra judicial killings of Muslims stops and all those arrested be produced in court so they can answer to their charges.”

The Tabliq sect revealed they will not choose any other leader since the arrest the acting Amir , Yahya Mwanje.

“We will have no leader so they will not have anyone to arrest,”said Sheikh Milaadu Kaluuma.


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