Maj Guma Brands Priest Who Locked Him Out of Church a Taliban

Maj Guma Gumisiriza speaking to Chimpreports on the impasse

Following the standoff in which Maj David Guma Gumisiriza was locked out of Ishongororo Catholic Church on Sunday, see the Ibanda North Member of Parliament has angrily castigated Rev Fr. Godfrey Bataringaya, who he accused of bringing political divisions in Church.

Fr Bararingaya and a section of church members on New Year’s day, closed the church doors on the MP, when they heard that he had arrived to attend the service.

Maj Gumisizira is accused by the Catholic Church leadership in the constituency of using abusive language against them during last year’s election campaigns that launched him back into parliament.

During Sunday’s standoff which was witnessed by the Mbarara Archbishop Paul K Bakyenga, police was called in to separate supporters of Maj Guma and those of Xavier Kyoma, his contender in the last elections before the MP was forcefully driven back to his residence.

Speaking to Chimpreports yesterday about the clash, MP Guma described Fr Bataringaya as a ‘Taliban,’ and shameless to the extent of shaming the entire Parish in the face of the Archbishop, who had come to preside over a conformation function.

Guma said Fr Bataringaya was working toward disuniting the people on political and religious lines.

He accused the Priest of siding with former MP contestant Kyoma to spread false information about him that he is anti-Catholic.

The MP revealed that the priest had also declined his Shs. 1million contribution to the construction of the new church.

He further wondered how Fr Bataringaya dared stop him from entering the church when he had been invited by the Archbishop himself.

Guma says Archbishop Bakyenga called him on December 21st informing him that he would be in Ishongororo and invited him to attend the church service.

When contacted by Chimpreports, Fr Bataringaya dismissed the accusations saying that he was not part of the group that locked the MP out of Church.


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