Magufuli Wind: Dissecting Museveni’s Ambitious ‘Wanainchi Funds’

John Magufuli, cialis 40mg the newly elected Tanzanian president and his illustrious clampdown on wasteful government spending it appears, viagra 100mg is not only becoming a social media sensation, sildenafil but directly impacting on her neighboring countries’ planning, Uganda not spared.

Upon being elected President, Magufuli introduced a number of radical government cost-cutting measures that saw billions of Tanzanian shillings scraped and redirected to other development and social service programs.

Perhaps inspired by the population’s support and praises to his counterpart, President Yoweri Museveni who is campaigning to retain office for the fifth time is aggressively raking funds to support local communities.

Museveni has astronomically multiplied the budgets for three social development funds which have come to be known as the Wanainchi (Citizens’) Funds.

Through his presidential campaigns for the 2016 general elections, Museveni is preaching intensely about increasing funding for Youth Livelihood Program, NAADS and the Microfinance Fund.

The president also recently added the fourth one; the Women`s Fund that is expected to start in the next financial year 2016/2017.

The Youth Livelihood Program (YLP) was introduced two years ago by president Museveni and has been allocated a uniform Shs 28.5bn in the last two financial years of 2014/2015 and 2015/2016.

The program under the ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development is aimed at equipping youths in the age bracket of 18 to 30 years with skills and startup capital to reduce the high unemployment rate among the youths.

While in Karamoja the president announced that come next financial year, the YLP is going to be apportioned Shs 234billion.

The Microfinance Support Centre Limited (MSC) that was established in 2001 is a government owned company and one of the agencies driving the “Prosperity for All” program. The MSC purposely focuses on rural economic transformation through creation of jobs and increase in the household incomes.

Since its inception in terms of financing, the MSC has been getting averagely Shs 10bn annually and in this financial year 2015/2016 it was given Shs 14bn.

Museveni however is multiplying this figure more than twelvefold to Shs 180bn which has been earmarked the company’s 2016/2017 budget.

The National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADs) is another Wanaichi fund aimed at promoting commercial production in the sector that directly and indirectly employs over 80 percent of the population.

In this financial year 2015/2016, NAADs that was temporarily banned got only Shs 183bn.

In the coming financial year as announced by Museveni and also included in the NRM manifesto, NAADs is going to get Shs 1000bn.

The president also announced the introduction of Women Funds that just like YLP is going to get Shs 234bn.

The four Wanainchi funds alone at Shs 1,648 bn are much bigger than the overall Social Developments programs for this financial year.

In the 2015/2016 budget, social development funds with the exception of NAADs were given Shs 93,369,745,652 of the total budget of Shs 23,972,251,058,047.


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