Magogo Speaks Out on Why He Voted Blatter

Magogo(white) in a training session at Njeru Technical centre

Uganda has been hailed for fulfilling recommendations earlier made by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), order a move seen as a huge step forward in the transformation of Uganda’s labour sector.

These include the establishment and functionalisation of the Industrial court; enforcement of the occupational health and safety measures and the appointment of the minimum wages advisory board.

Arising from this achievement, medications Uganda has been removed from those countries that had been blacklisted and put on cause list to answer queries.

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It is on this basis that Uganda has been promised both technically support to help in the study of the minimum wages and financial support.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Pius Bigirimana said ILO Director General, Mr Guy Ryder, “has promised to provide support to the industrial court for capacity building and benchmarking in other countries.”

This emerged during the 104th session of the International Labour conference held in Geneva, Switzerland this week.

The Ugandan delegation was led by Minister of Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations, Hon Bataringaya.

ChimpReports understands that on the sidelines of ILO, Bataringaya also held discussion with the Minister of Labour of Qatar Dr. Abdulla Khulaifi who agreed to conclude bilateral agreement on the externalizations of labour before end of June 2015.


According to officials at the Ministry of Gender, a total of 10,000 copies of Labour Regulations (Sexual Harassment regulations, Employment Regulations, Employment of Children regulations, Labour Unions check off regulations, labour disputes (Arbitration and settlement, Industrial Court procedure rules and Labour Unions registration) have been printed and disseminated.

Further, three sets of regulations: Plant examination and workplace registration fees regulations, occupational safety and health – (Safety and Health Committees) regulations 2014 as well as the Appointments of inspections regulations printed and disseminated.

Industrial Court Judges (His Lordship Asaph Ruhindi Ntegye and the lady Judge Her Lordship Linda Mugisha) were recently appointed, vetted and sworn in before commencing work on July 1, 2014.

Ugandan officials with ILO's Guy Ryder (C) in Geneva

Ugandan officials with ILO’s Guy Ryder (C) in Geneva

The Panelists of the Industrial Court were also sworn in and staff on secondment to the Industrial Court reported thus facilitating the hearing of 20 cases while 314 cases were referred to the Industrial Court.

The Ministry also provided working conditions and standards inspections services to the – Oil and gas in Hoima and Buliisa Tullow Oil camps and 492 workplaces country wide.

It also inspected 150 workplaces on the working conditions and terms of service of workers and 650 statutory plants and equipment examined and certified

The Ministry said it settled a total of 140 reported cases of violation of labour standards in work places while 100 labour complaints were registered and settled.

In addition, the Ministry said it did not only investigate 140 cases reported, but also arbitrated 110 cases of complaints and disputes and referred 40 cases to the Industrial Court.

Training services in the development of regulations of HIV/AIDS at the workplace and a Masters in Construction Management for one officer in Makerere University were also conducted.
FUFA president, viagra 60mg Eng. Moses Magogo has come out to clarify on why the federation voted for the embattled incumbent FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

According to the FUFA president, the executive committee unanimously decided on Blatter after thoroughly assessing the previous, current and prospective developments that have been initiated by the FIFA president and have directly or indirectly benefited Uganda.

“We [FUFA] voted for Sepp Blatter like we had earlier publicly declared. Our decision was consented upon by the FUFA executive committee after thorough assessments,” The president told the media in a press conference.

He explained that they [Fufa] did not change their mind even after the scandals that rocked the international body prior to elections.

“We cannot just rely on hearsay accusations, we needed concrete evidence, the [arrested Fifa officials] are just suspects and it’s not yet proved, so we can conclude that Blatter is corrupt.”

The FUFA president further elaborated six points why the FUFA executive chose Blatter;

Financial assistance. When Blatter came to office in 1998, Fifa was only spending USD 14 million. By then Fufa was sharing a room with the boxing federation at National Council of sports offices. Currently, the world governing body spends over USD 1 billion, with Fufa benefitting a whooping USD 250, 000 [approx. UShs. 750 M] annually through the Financial Assistance Programme [FAP]. The Ugandan body now owns the Fufa house headquarters at Mengo, has employed 28 fully paid staff members including professionals, and several other activities.

World cup Revenue. About 70% of the revenue from the Fifa World cup is shared by countries that did not qualify for the global tournament. The 2014 Fifa world cup generated a record USD 4.8 billion dollars, with more than half of it collected as revenue after expenditure. While all the revenue in the four year cycle totaled to USD 5.718 Billion about twice as much collected in South Africa 2010. Most African and Asian countries don’t qualify including Uganda that has never made an appearance. “That’s the crime of Blatter!” the Fufa president exclaimed after explaining that point.

World cup rotational system: The world cup had a chance to be played in Africa because Sepp Blatter’s reign brought the rotational system that allows different countries to host. In Africa the global event was speared by the ‘Win in Africa with Africa’ campaign. Under that campaign several Fufa officials including the President Magogo, his Vice Mr. Mugisha got a chance to undergo training and became Fufa Instructors. The project [Win in Africa with Africa] was also responsible for the construction of the Fufa technical Centre in Njeru. “We got the technical center through the win in Africa with Africa campaign that came with the world cup” Fufa president said.

Unfounded corruption scandal.  Fufa does not condone any act of corruption; however the case about Blatter is just mere accusations and allegations. Therefore Fufa needed strong evidence from those who accuse Blatter of the crimes committed.” Africa and Uganda in particular voted Blatter because of the interest of the development of football. It’s an insult to think that we take money to vote people. We fight for our interests and we shall publicly declare that. There is nothing to hide.”

“It is unfounded to say Blatter is corrupt without Evidence!”

Solidarity. The only way Africa can develop is by solidarity. Fifa used to spend only USD 14 million before 1999, a European football club like Real Madrid is worthy USD 400 Million. UEFA itself has the ability to support football growth because most of their content [major Euro leagues and champions league] is consumed in Africa and Asia but don’t have the desire to do that. Therefore it is important that Fifa has who will express the interest to support Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Influence from some Major European nations. There are some [not disclosed] major European countries that urged the Ugandan body to support Blatter and the reasons they gave [undisclosed] were carrying weight.

“Africa voted to support development of African Football. I really pity Africans who thought of different view. We want development and resources and so whoever wants to become Fifa president has to express the interest of Africa. Our interest must be addressed because Africa, Asia and Latin America dictate the game.”

The Fufa president concluded by hinting that some members at the congress had a clue that Blatter would resign but the whole issue was ignored by many. “Actually there was a rumor circulating that Blatter would resign but almost everyone would not think about that.” Magogo revealed.


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