Magogo: Namboole is Disaster Waiting to Open

An aerial view of the Mandela national stadium, Namboole

The President of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA), visit this site Eng. Moses Magogo has bemoaned the poor state in which the Mandela National Stadium, visit this site Namboole exists today.

Magogo while addressing the media at the Fufa weekly press conference on Wednesday stressed that the national stadium is in a poor state that needs immediate refurbishing.

“First and foremost we lack sports facilities as a country and even the national stadium we have is in an archaic state. No renovations made and most of the property at the stadium are no longer functioning, page ” said Magogo.

“People always shift the blame on us for the chaos at the gates on match days but forget that we have a stadium that has just four gates that must be accessed by over 40,000 fans yet majority of them come an hour to the game,” he added.

The Fufa boss also indicated that the stadium has no security measures that could help in case of any danger.

“The stadium has no surveillance cameras, the lighting of the stadium especially at night is not enough so we cannot avoid a stampede in case of an emergence,” he bemoaned.

“If you happen to move to stadiums in other countries you will be ashamed of our national stadium. They have seats with seat numbers that match with the tickets hence it is easy to know who is occupying which seat. But Namboole we have cement blocks.” The Fufa boss added.

Magogo called upon government to empower the sports industry by putting up more facilities.

“Now that Uganda has qualified to African Cup of Nations, we should use this as a ground for government to take up the responsibility of funding not only football but the sports sector at large by putting up new sports infrastructures,”

Named after the former South African President Nelson Mandela, the sports facility located between Kireka and Byeyogerere suburbs seats on a 48 hectares piece of land and was officially opened in 1997.


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