Magistrate Threatens To Arrest Prosecutor, Defense Counsel In Piglets Case

Defense counsel Isaac Semakadde and the two accused persons in court today

Drama unfolded this afternoon before Buganda Road Court Grade One Magistrate Marion Mangeni, page in the case where two youths are accused of animal cruelty and being a public nuisance, cost as the magistrate threatened to arrest both the defense and prosecution lawyers.

The youths Luta Ferdinand and Joseph Lukwago were arrested by Parliamentary Police on 15th September at the Parliament gate where prosecution alleges they dropped 10 piglets.

State prosecutor Elizabeth Nambafu today brought in court two witnesses to testify in this matter but the defense counsel Isaac Semakadde objected, cialis 40mg demanding to be availed first with their names so he could compare if they are among the nine witnesses on the disclosure form he received from the state.

The result was an altercation between the two counsels which incensed the Magistrate into standing off the matter and ordering them to move out and sort out the matter as she proceeds with other matters.

The defense council walked out but the state prosecutor refused to follow and the former decided to come back for her, restarting the shouting.

“Will you take you discussions out of my court; if not you will both end up in court cells,” warned the magistrate.

The state prosecutor responded asking to be allowed to step aside and refer back the matter on grounds that she was uncomfortable the conduct of the defense counsel.

Eventually however, hearing of the matter resumed with Sgt Agnes Kainengoma a Parliamentary police officer who arrested Luta Ferdinand as the first prosecution witness.


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