Magistrate Rejects Request To Block Media From Acid Attack Case

VICTIM: Stella Kemigabo accuses her husband of pouring acid in her private parts

Victoria University under the Department of Petroleum and Energy Studies has hosted delegates from Tanzania and Uganda at its premises in Kampala in a move to consolidate achievements registered in the promotion of oil and gas education.

The department head Dr Drake Kyalimpa said the course was to equip participants with skills to manage health, rx safety and environment efficiently and effectively within the Oil and Gas industry and other non-oil and gas sectors.

The International Certification Course completed last week was titled, case “Managing Safely in the Oil and Gas Industry”.

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The special course was accredited by the Institute of Occupation Safety and Health (IOSH) and conducted by Global Environmental managers, viagra order UK and coordinated by Africa Centre for Energy and Mineral Policy (ACEMP).

Africa’s Oil and Gas sector continues to show substantial growth, despite regulatory uncertainty and corruption.

The skills obtained by Victoria University are relevant since Uganda’s major priority next financial year will be commencement of detailed engineering studies for the Oil Refinery, following the selection of a Lead Investor on a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) basis.

Government shall also fast track infrastructure development for the commercialization of oil, including the development of an airport, as already alluded to earlier, near the Oil Refinery project site at Hoima.

According to Government will also continue the exploration and production of oil and other valuable minerals such as Iron Ore and Phosphates, and also concretize the development of the Crude Oil Pipeline to the Indian Ocean and petroleum products pipelines.

Officials say the skills gap remains wide.

In 2012, the survey showed that 25 percent of the total workforce at respondents’ companies comprised expatriates in Africa.

This year, the proportion of expatriates has dropped significantly – down to a mere 10.6 percent of the workforce surveyed.

The interventions from Victoria University are timely.

The University’s Vice Chancellor Dr Stephen Robert Isabalija says oil and gas courses empower graduates to fill the employment gap being faced by Uganda.

“We continue to provide the labour market with well trained graduates in the budding oil and gas sector,” he said in an interview with Chimpreports recently.

He further said Victoria University has partnered with U.S.-based IP3 (Institute of Private Public Partnerships), to deliver courses in private-public partnerships accrediting the Oil and Gas courses for Victoria University.
Fort Portal Grade I magistrate Faisal Mbale Ngamige has rejected a lawyer’s request to block the journalists from covering the case in which a tycoon is accused of torturing and burning his wife private organs with paraffin and acid.

Swizin Kyamulesire a business tycoon in Fort Portal is battling a case in court in which his wife Stella Kemigabo accuses him of burning her private parts with acid and neglecting his one year old boy.

The one year old torture case that had reportedly been mismanaged by police officers over bribery, treat came to light after investigative journalists intervened seeking for justice.

On Wednesday, about it court presided over by Faisal Ngamire was surprised to hear Victor Businge, there a lawyer to the accused Kyamulesire demand that reporters are barred from covering this case.

He argued that the media have taken the story far while it’s still in court and threatened to sue them over court interference.

Magistrate Faisal refused his demand stating clearly that there is no way the media could be blocked from covering such a criminal case.

The magistrate said, “It’s not possible and we cannot allow this happen? How many media houses can you sue and block from covering this story. The media has to exercise its rights”.

Court ordered the lawyer Businge and his client Kyamulesire to pay shs1 million for re-examining the victim.

Magistrate said that the money will be given to a special and independent gynecologist to examine the victim and come up with independent results.

Kemigabo with her husband and child during their happy days

Kemigabo with her husband and child during their happy days

He said, “The gynecologist shall be the final witness in this case. The money has to be paid in court that will take the responsibility of looking for an independent doctor. ”

Court set 23rd July 2015 the date when the case comes up for mention.

The decision to hire a special independent gynecologist came after the accused’s lawyer Victor Businge asked court to take the victim to their private doctor for the examination.

On 9th July 2015, Kyamulesire allegedly beat, tortured and burnt his wife Stella Kemigabo after she found him naked with another woman in their marital bedroom.

It is alleged that Kyamulesire charged and ordered his three workers to get a rope and tie her. They took the woman in a farm and tied her with ropes on a tree.

Kyamulesire beat the woman and later ordered the men to bring acid which he poured in her private parts as the three men watched.



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