South Sudan

Machar’s Rebels Blast IGAD

Dr. Riek Machar

The South Sudan rebels of former Vice President, side effects Dr. Riek Machar have blasted the regional body, about it IGAD which is the guarantor of the peace agreement signed in August last year.

The SPLA (In Opposition) on Monday released a scathing statement mainly targeting the last weekend’s IGAD Heads of State Summit held in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to seek solutions for ongoing security and political stalemate in South Sudan.

According to the Machar’s group, cheap the IGAD leadership is on bed with the regime in Juba under President Salva Kiir and therefore no longer an impartial body to stand between the government and the rebels, in resolving the youngest nation’s crisis.

“The various letters by the United Nations Security Council to the President have all documented how IGAD member states have colluded with the regime and have continued to facilitate the procurement of guns and bombs,” part of the statement signed by SPLA (IO) Chairman
for Publicity, Mabior Garanga de Mabior who is also the son of the SPLA founding father Dr. John Garang, read.

IGAD which consists of Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Djibouti, Sudan and South Sudan, mediated the peace talks when a bloody internal war that killed tens of thousands and displaced 3 million people broke out in the newest member in December 2013.

The SPLA (IO) is also not happy with the recognition of the Transitional Government of National Unity.

Machar’s movement believes that the unity government collapsed and should not be taken as a
functioning administration anymore.

“We condemn the misinformation intended to portray an image to the world that there is still a functioning government of national unity in Juba. However what remains there is a junta guided by the ideology of tribalism.”


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