South Sudan

Machar Stormed Kiir’s Office With a Gun

President Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Machar

The South Sudan First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar entered into a meeting room with President Slava Kiir on the black Friday evening, try fully armed with a pistol.

The revelation was made by Kiir in an interview with the Chinese cable network the CCTV on Thursday at the presidential palace.

The palace commonly known as J1 was wrecked with bullets on Friday of 8th July when a serious gunfire broke out between the bodyguards of the president and his vice instantly killing 300 in the space of only
two hours.

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The incident sent South Sudan that was starting to recover from two internal conflicts, back to war. Machar has since disappeared and fighting has been ongoing between the two factions
for two weeks now.

According to Kiir, Machar is squarely responsible for the black Friday and the president insists he tried his best to avert the current situation that has displaced hundreds of thousands of people both
internally and to foreign countries, but his vice wants war.

The president told CCTV crew that Machar was prepared for a battle on that day.

“My brother had a pistol during our peaceful meeting. I was not afraid of him or losing my life but I was the one who instead protected him,” Kiir said.

Kiir stated that when his guards realized that Machar was armed, they became wild to the vice president but as the president he reigned over them.

Four days after the presidential palace gunfire, Kiir wrote to the IGAD Chairman, Haillemariam Dessalegn who is also the Ethiopian Prime Minister detailing how the terrible event unfolded.

The letter that was copied to President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and Paul Kagame of Rwanda blamed Machar for the J1 debacle.

“The incident started when a force from the headquarters of the 1st Vice President commanded by Lt. Col. David Rieu attacked a checkpoint at Gudelle area in Juba. The checkpoint was manned by an integrated force from the SPLA and other organized forces and it resulted into the death of 4 soldiers and a medical doctor,” part of the letter said.

Machar is yet to come out as forces battle those of Kiir.

The two signed a peace treaty in August last year in which they agreed to work together in a transitional government that is supposed to steer the oil rich fragile nation for three years. The Transitional
Government of National Unity is also supposed to organize a national election and writes a constitution before its expiry.

South Sudan is still run by a transitional constitution adopted in 2011 after gaining full independence from Khartoum.

The unity government plunged to another crisis just one month shy to its first anniversary that would have been commemorated next month.



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