South Sudan

Machar Reports Kiir to Donald Trump

Dr Riek Machar

The South Sudan armed opposition chief, buy Dr. Riek Machar has reported his country’s leader Salva Kiir to the newly elected United States President, prostate Donald Trump.

Dr. Machar on Wednesday afternoon joined the rest of the leaders across the globe sending congratulatory messages to Mr. Trump who dramatically won the tightly contested race.

Trump garnered 278 Electoral College votes against Hilary Clinton’s 218.

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Unlike other global leaders and figures however, more about the South Sudan rebel leader’s congratulation message was unique as it extended to condemning Kiir.

Machar accused Kiir of masterminding the deadly December 2013 clashes in capital Juba that he described it as genocide.

“Our country (South Sudan) is now governed by a regime that committed genocide in December 2013 and plunged the country in to a war that continued up to date,” part of Dr. Machar’s message read.

About 10,000 people were killed in Juba during the first week of the internal conflict between the duos just two years after the country had gained independence from Khartoum.

Dr. Machar also accused Kiir’s administration of breaching the peace accord signed in August last year that temporarily eased the tension between their forces. War broke out again in July this year and still continuing.

“The regime abhorred the peace agreement that was signed in August 2015 and is currently engaged in targeted killings, rapes and force displacement of communities based on ethnicity.”

The rebel leader stressed that his group is for peace unlike Juba regime that is interested in war. “We, as the resistance movement SPLM/SPLA (IO), are committed to a peaceful resolution of the conflict so as to end the suffering of the people despite the determination of President Kiir for military solution.” Trump is however going take office in January.


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