South Sudan

Machar Rebels: Kiir’s Tribal Militia Slaughtering Civilians

Kiir addressing the gathering in Yei last week

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has been accused of using tribal militias to “terrorize the population through ethnically targeted killings, shop systematized rape, rx looting, plundering of civilian property and deliberately rejecting genuine avenues for peace.”

The Military Spokesperson of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition, Lt Col Edward Wayi Godwill told ChimpReports on Monday that despite calls for national dialogue, militias associated with Kiir continue to wreak havoc.

Speaking last Thursday in Yei, Kiir rallied the public and Bishops to play key roles in supporting the National Dialogue which he said was critical for national reconciliation.

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He further rooted for peace, harmony; promising to provide more security forces to restore sanity in the area struggling with insecurity.

But Kiir’s plea for unity has since been dismissed as dishonest by rebels loyal to former Vice President Riek Machar.

“This approach is treachery of the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) to make Kiir keep hold of power because they have no desire for any change in the status quo. Hence, Kiir vowed to go on killing all South Sudanese who fail to respond to his self-dialogue to that effect,” said Lt Col Wayi.

“Following the regime’s deliberate failure to resolve the crises due to its constant lack of political will; SPLA-IO under the able and visionary leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny remains committed to its call for an inclusive, transparent and holistic political process to revive the collapsed Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan and bring an end to the conflict,” he added.

SPLA-IO urged the IGAD, AU, Troika, the UNSC and the international community to push for the resuscitation of the ARCISS to silence the guns.

“Kiir’s proposed National Dialogue can then be clearly established on the basis of the revived peace accord,” Lt Col Wayi advised.

Machar remains in South Africa until the country is ready for general elections.

But his forces are active in South Sudan, engaging security forces in combat action.

The continuous fighting has denied South Sudanese an opportunity to embrace the national dialogue.


Wayi said the proposed National Dialogue should allow citizens from all ethnic backgrounds, political and religious affiliations, civil society and other groups to fully participate.

“It must provide an opportunity for the citizens to acknowledge the experience they underwent during the horrific period; appreciate the need to restore social coercion through meaningful dialogue that leads them to naturally reconcile to one another,” he observed.

“This therefore, requires restoration of peace and stability in order for IDPs and refuges to return home so that they will be part and partial of the proposed dialogue.”

Wayi alleged that dozens of innocent civilians who got to their gardens at the suburbs of Yei, Lainya, Morobo and Kajokeji towns and others coming either from the villages or the refugee camps in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo were tortured, raped and killed by regime soldiers.

“For instance, on the 16th November last year, Yei River State Governor David Lokonga Moses, went to Radio Spirit and lured all displaced civilians from the rural areas of Yei to get to the town to receive food aid from one of the humanitarian agencies,” said Wayi.

“The following day 63 of the innocent civilians who responded from Lasu, Logo, Kagelu, Ombasi and other areas were brutally massacred by Kiir’s tribal militia and their allied armed Nuba at Pukuka just about four miles from Yei town,” he alleged.

ChimpReports was unable to immediately verify these claims.

In some cases the opposition forces exaggerate figures to push their military and political agenda.


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