South Sudan

Machar Holds Talks With Nigeria’s Obasanjo

The South Sudan rebel leader, hospital page Dr. Riek Machar held talks with the former Nigerian President, pharm Gen. Olusegun Obassanjo on Monday morning in Pagak, Upper Nile State where the SPLA-IO leadership is currently based.

Gen. Obasanjo last year headed the African Union Peace and Security’s inquiry into the mass violations of human rights atrocities on South Sudan citizens during the height of internal conflict that started in late 2013.

Both the SPLA and SPLA-IO are accused of among others conscripting children into their specific ranks, raping women, mass civilian casualties from indiscriminate attacks.

The Obasanjo Commission of Inquiry was instituted in mid 2014 and finalized its work and report in November same year, but it has never been put to public.

The report was set to be published in early 2015 during the AU and IGAD’s Heads of State and Government summit in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa where the peace talks between government and SPLA-IO has also been taking place.

The publishing was however deferred on the request of the host Ethiopian Prime Minister, Hailemariam Dessalegn who said outing the report would jeopardize the expected peace agreement supposed to be signed by warring parties that material time.

The signing of the agreement however didn’t happen and the report too has never been published.

The details of the talks between Obasanjo and Dr. Machar, whose group has been vociferous for the publishing of the report, shall come as soon as we get it.



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