South Sudan

Machar Group Asks Museveni to Reign on Kiir

South Sudan leader of opposition, Dr. Riek Machar

South Sudan rebels under Dr. Riek Machar have asked President Yoweri Museveni to reign on their country’s leader Salva Kiir.

The SPLA in opposition spokesman, find Mabior Garang de Mabior who is also the son of the SPLA founder leader Dr. John Garang, page on Saturday evening released a statement saying the Ugandan leader has leverage in solving the bloody 3 years crisis in the northern neighbor.

“There are many South Sudanese who look at President Museveni to use his leverage on Salva Kiir to accept and implement the terms of the 2015 peace agreement without preconditions and in an all-inclusive context, visit web ” part of the statement read.

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The statement came a day after Museveni meeting three factions of SPLM party at State House Entebbe in a bid to unite them and end the crisis in their country.

The factions that met Museveni were President Kiir’s group led by the SPLM Acting Secretary General Jemma Nunu Kumba, Vice President Taban Deng’s group led by Ambassador Ezekiel Gatkuoth and Former Detainees led by Pagan Amum.

The group of Dr. Machar was however not represented in the unification meeting and it now understood that they were not invited according to Mabior’s statement.

“In principle, the attempt by H.E Museveni to bring the warring parties of the SPLM together is commendable. However the SPLM/SPLA(IO) never received an invitation to participate in the Entebbe dialogue,” another part of the statement read.

Machar’s group warned that marginalizing them will not make the process achieve its objectives.

“The marginalization of any faction of the opposition will impede the process of achieving peace.”


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