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2016: Mabirizi, Kyalya Get Nominated as Exercise Draws to Close

Kyalya addressing the media after being nominated at Namboole on Wednesday (Photo: Paul Ampurire/CR)

Elton Joseph Mabirizi from The Independent Coalition and Faith Maureen Kyalya are the latest Presidential Candidates to be successfully nominated by the EC ahead of the 2016 polls.

Mabirizi whose official symbol is a ball was accompanied by Vix Kingo.

Mabirizi in his remarks said he brings hope to Uganda and urged Ugandans not to vote for people who have been part of the ills of the NRM government.

“Many of these people were part of the 1986 liberation struggle, cure http://chienyenthinh.com/modules/mod_vcnt/helper.php have been in govt and have been architects of failed systems, treat ” he said.

He noted that he intends to place emphasis on fighting corruption and ensuring that the corrupt face trial and pay back.

“Uganda isn’t poor. If all the embezzled funds were invested in providing services, there would be significant difference,” he added.

Another candidate nominated today is Dr Kizza Besigye of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party.

Mabirizi will Wednesday afternoon address his supporters at Kasubi Royal hotel.

On her part, Kyalya called for unity among Ugandans and women emancipation.

Female presidential candidate

She was duly nominated at 2:52 pm and her symbol will be a pot.

Kyalya said she made a commitment to run for presidency if no woman or someone from Busoga region was represented in the forthcoming elections.

“I went around Uganda and got shocked at the state of affairs. People are living in absolute poverty and can’t afford education,” said Kyalya whose nomination was briefly halted to allow her sort out the inconsistencies in her identification particulars.

“Mothers in Busoga cook sugarcane for breakfast, lunch and supper each day. It’s unfortunate to see this happen to our mothers,” she added.

Kyalya said the fate of Ugandans is determined by which political party they support.

“Why should I pay tax if my children can’t benefit from it? For one to benefit in Uganda, he/she has to show support to the NRM.”

Both candidates have been handed a Nissan pickup and security detail by EC to protect them through the campaigns.


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