Mabirizi Demands Govt to Clear Air on Rebel Activities, Insecurity

Former presidential candidate Elton Joseph Mabirizi on Friday called on the government “to assure Ugandans on rebel activities and overall security situation” seeing that, according to him, “the public is in fear all across country.”

Mabirizi argues that Ugandans are increasingly losing confidence in the ability of security forces to protect them, citing yesterday’s fracas between security officers from UPDF and police at the residence of Christine Mbabazi Muhoza, a former girlfriend of slain Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

The incident broke out at Mbabazi’s home in Lungujja a Kampala Suburb, when officials from Internal Security Organisation (ISO) blocked police from arresting her, according to her narrative to this website.

Today, President Museveni deployed his own security team at the premises.

Mbabazi is believed to be having “high voltage” and “implicating information” in regard to Kaweesi’s murder.

Besides that rather unfortunate occurrence, Mabirizi also points to the fact that multiple insecurity cases have been reported, including numerous murders of women in Wakiso, “marauding gangsters armed with crude weapons who continue to attack villages,” and and of all those, Mabirizi says, government has not taken sufficient action.

He also mentioned a situation where leaflets from “a rebel group called SCAD” made rounds on different media, but he says, the government has hitherto not given an adequate report.


“ … apart from the first statement the UPDF spokesperson made (when SCAD first sent out a recorded message), assuring the nation of their safety, he as not briefed the nation again on the progress of the investigations he promised on the same day, ” says Mabirizi in a Facebook post.

UPDF Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire, shorty after the information on the rebel group was circultated, in an exclusive interview told us, “The Security forces are investigating this so called SCAD to establish its actual existence.”

Asked to describe the nature of inquiry being carried out, Karemire responded: “It will be a holistic investigation.”

He further warned that no rebel movement would ever succeed in a violent regime change in the country.

“We, however wish to reassure the public that no rebel movement will succeed,” warned Karemire.

“In the past, the UPDF working with the people and taking advantage of its now superior capabilities, have defeated groups like LRA, UPA, FOBA, NALU etc.”

Mabirizi has therefore called on the government to assume its responsibility to practically assure Ugandans of their safety by explaining the measures being taken to make sure that the conflict between “the Army and Police does not escalate into an unmanageable situation which can be exploited by wrong elements.”


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