M7 Awards Unveiled

Charles Simbwa Chairman M7 Awards

As one of the ways to appreciate encourage innovation among Ugandans, approved no rx Mars Seven Company has unveiled the new brand of Awards named M7 Awards that are going to be used to promote talent and hard work amongst Ugandans at various levels.

While unveiling the M7 Awards at Mt Zion Hotel in Kampala, salve Charles Ssimbwa the Organizing Committee Chairman said the inaugural event is slated for August this year.

Mr Ssimba said unlike most kinds of awards in the country, visit this site the M7 Awards will be multidimensional in nature.

“In these awards we shall reward successful individuals in the fields of sport, music, agriculture and various fields,” he told reporters.

“We are going to put much emphasis on talent development; this is going to start with schools where we will be sending our experts to spot out talented students to participate in these awards,” remarked Simbwa.

Simbwa revealed that coming up of these awards was partly aimed at appreciating the work of President Yoweri Museveni for Uganda.

Simbwa added that in these awards will have more five categories from the usual ones from which people will choose their favorite personalities using an SMS platform which will be announced at the official launch.

President Museveni is expected to be the guest of honor at the Award launching ceremony which is going to be held in August this year.


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