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M23 Warn Kabila on Worsening Insecurity in Eastern Congo

M23 leader, Brig Sultani Makenga

The demobilized M23 rebel movement has warned it will not look on idly as insecurity worsens in Eastern Congo, information pills http://cmccommoditytransport.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-importer.php Chimp Corps report.

Militia groups including ADF have in recent months carried out attacks in villages, this site killing scores in cold blood.

The killings have since attracted global condemnation and piled pressure on regional leaders to address the crisis.

M23 Chairman Bertrand Bisiimwa told this website on Wednesday killings, kidnappings, looting of people’s property and robbing of vehicles have increased in the territories of Rutshuru, Masisi, Nyiragongo and Walikale.

He further said the “resurgence of ethnic tensions in the territories of Lubero, Masisi, Rutshuru and Walikale are likely to plunge the Eastern Congo into tribal violence.”

Bisiimwa, the political head of the once lethal military outfit, went ahead to claim that regular army officers are involved in the killings and illegal exploitation of mineral quarries in provinces of Ituri, North Kivu, South Kivu and Maniema.

The M23’s statement comes at a time when DRC is facing a political crisis ahead of the November 2016 elections.

A military conflict in Eastern Congo would exacerbate the already tense situation.

President Joseph Kabila’s government claims millions of new voters should be registered to participate in the elections.

But opposition claims this is a ploy to extend President Kabila’s reign.


Government recently commenced talks with a few opposition groups to find a solution to the political impasse.

The dialogue is being mediated by former chairman of the Organization of African Unity, Edem Kodjo.

Bisiimwa said it would not respect the conclusions of the dialogue “as it doesn’t include the M23’s concerns contained in the Declarations of Nairobi of December 12, 2013.”

He further stated that the current dialogue is not likely to provide appropriate solutions to the recurrent problems haunting the people of Eastern Congo such as widespread insecurity, presence of foreign armed groups, inter-ethnic tensions and failure to return refugees.

A source in M23 said the group would not rule out the possibility of acting to save the situation.

“The situation in eastern Congo is getting out of hand yet those who are supposed to act seem indifferent,” warned a member of the M23.

The military outfit was in 2013 defeated by a joint force of troops from DRC, Malawi, South Africa and Tanzania before fleeing to Uganda and Rwanda.

However, the movement’s leaders remain critical of the government in Kinshasa.

M23 claims out of 3,889 M23 military personnel and civilian supporters, only 496 persons have effectively benefited from amnesty, saying this is “in violation of the Declarations of Nairobi and the amnesty law that provided amnesty to everyone for acts of war and insurrection.”

Bisiimwa said the DRC security services have refused to release M23 detainees and continue to carry out “assassinations, arbitrary arrests and other crimes perpetrated against our comrades who returned back home and their loved ones by the security services.”

Regional effort

President Museveni recently met with Kabila over insecurity in Eastern Congo.

Museveni expressed willingness to support Kabila to get rid of the militia using military means.

On his part, Kabila reassured his commitment to ensure peace prevails in the eastern part of the vast country.

Despite assurances from Kabila, the situation is yet to improve.

Bisiimwa said serious shortcomings in the National Programme for Disarmament, Demobilization and Social Reintegration (PNDDR) and poor living conditions maintained in the demobilization centers have “turned these places into true death camps if not in open prisons where deaths are in the hundreds.”

The outfit wants the DRC government to facilitate the repatriation of the M23 ex-combatants; release prisoners and establish a commission to operationalise the implementation of the declarations of Nairobi peace deal.


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