Luzinda WhatsApp Love Messages ‘Leak’

Desire Luzinda at a recent music concert in Kampala

President Yoweri Museveni has described former Permanent Secretary and State House Comptroller Thecla Nalunkuuma Kinalwa, sick http://chulucanasnoticias.com/wp-includes/class-wp-metadata-lazyloader.php 69, http://centruldedic.ro/wp-admin/includes/options.php as a “true administrator” who dedicated all her efforts to provide excellent services.

In his message as the chief mourner at Kinalwa’s memorial service at Rubaga Cathedral on Wednesday morning read by the Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga, Museveni noted that the deceased was a hardworking and patriotic person throughout her service.

“The responsibility she held required confidentiality and trust and indeed she fulfilled it,” the President spoke of Kinalwa.

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“She left the public service with clean hands and we have to pay tribute to her charisma and the inspiring legacy she has left behind.”

One of the deceased's daughters being comforted by friends at the church

One of the deceased’s daughters being comforted by friends at the church

The Minster for President Frank Tumwebaze in his message read by the Security Minister  Muruuli Mukasa applauded the deceased for  being part of the team that oversaw the organization of the Jubilee Independence Celebrations in 2012 which he said Kinalwa did with all her heart .

“Kinalwa spoke less but worked more and indeed showed the character of a true administrator,” said Tumwebaze.

Lilian Nankya Kinalwa, one of the daughters to the deceased explained that their mother was a disciplinarian whom she said left nothing unturned in her efforts to make her children responsible citizens.

“She always told us to be down-to-earth and humble and has left a vacuum of continuing with her legacy as we walk into her foot prints,” Nankya noted.

Kiyoga laying a wreath on Kinalwa's casket

Kiyoga laying a wreath on Kinalwa’s casket

One of the two sons of the deceased Henry Kawuma added that the former Permanent Secretary was a team player, impartial and had respect for other faiths.

“She was so impartial that even if I were her son, she wouldn’t necessarily side with me if I did something wrong,” Kawuma told mourners.

Florence Mugasha, a long time close friend to the deceased described Kinalwa as a social and loving person who executed all her assignments meticulously as she never settled for mediocrity.

“She was a principled and no nonsense perfectionist who was always there for her friends in both thick and thin. Kinalwa worked as if there was no tomorrow and made sure she started with a new piece of work the next day.”

Kiyonga denounces corruption

Meanwhile, Kiyonga told mourners that the deceased left office as one of the people with the best record and noted that all civil servants should emulate Kinalwa’s distinguished service.

“Many people out there think it’s a policy of government to embezzle your funds which is not correct. I accept there is corruption in government but we are also fighting it. Remember when there were some allegations of embezzlement of funds, the cabinet led by the president advised our own ministers Syda Bumba, Kiddhu Makubuya and Kabakumba Matsiko to step aside,”Kiyonga explained.

The Defence Minister urged religious leaders to help government fight the vice as this would help it reduce in the country.

Arch Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga bidding farewell to Kinalwa

Arch Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga bidding farewell to Kinalwa

“If someone comes to the church and you know he has stolen money, reject his money and that way we shall be able to fight corruption in the country.”


According to Dr. Mbonye from Nakasero hospital, Kinalwa in April this year rushed to hospital complaining of pain and weakness in the legs.

“When I saw her, I realized she wasn’t the one I knew because her face was swollen, had put on extra weight  and had a light skin which was bleeding,” Dr. Mbonye explained.

A medical examination showed that Kinalwa had accumulated excessive steroids in the shoulders, face and the skin which the expert explained is as a result of external steroids to the body.

Kinalwa's children paying their last respects to their departed mother

Kinalwa’s children paying their last respects to their departed mother

“She confessed that she had been to clinics and had been given injections for steroids to help her treat arthritis frequently unlike the practice where one injection has to be given after every 4 months,” Mbonye explained.

However, according to the doctor, the condition for the former Permanent Secretary had improved and was now feeling well.

“We were surprised when we were told that on Friday night she complained of difficulties in breathing and on rushing her to hospital she was pronounced dead.”

The doctor told mourners that a post-mortem was not carried out but suspected that Kinalwa had either died of heart failure or blood clotting.

“It might have been a heart failure after blood vessels got blocked or a clot that went to her lungs that stopped her from breathing normally and she died,” said Dr Mbonye.

Gender PS Pius Bigirimana was also in attendance

Gender PS Pius Bigirimana was also in attendance

Born in 1945 at Bbongole Mitala Maria in Mpigi district to Petero Basazemajja and Veronica Namakula, Kinalwa went to Mitala Maria Primary School before joining Trinity College Nabbingo in 1960-63 and later St. Mary’s Namagunga for her O and A levels.

Kinalwa graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and History in 1969 from University of East Africa Nairobi before working as a Permanent Secretary for Local Government and Gender and Community Development Ministries from 1993-1997.

She also worked as State House Comptroller, Secretary Office of the President and a board member in the Human Rights Commission.

Kinalwa is survived by 4 children including Henry Kawuma, Lillian Nankya, Michael Busuulwa and Myra Nalule. She will be laid to rest on Wednesday at her residence in Najjera.
Finally, cheap http://danmarknorge.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-client-server.php series fanatics have been treated to a trailer of the long awaited Ugandan series, online ‘Beneath The Lies’ and besides the much talent in the series, buy information pills what captured the viewers’ attention most are the raunchy scenes involving Flavia Tumusiime’s character (Kamali) and Gaetano Kagwa’s character (Abe).

In the 3 minute trailer, Flavia and Gaetano’s characters engage in ex rated acts including kissing. The crude scenes between the two characters include lots of kissing and bedroom explicit content that have got many Ugandans believing that this could be brought Hollywood to Uganda.

In the trailer, Flavia and Gaetano play lovers who later become enemies leading to anger and violence due to a turn in events.

Besides all the talent in the series, Ugandans could not wait to watch it since its cast is star studded.

The series that will be showing on Urban TV starting December is a tale of the plight of the less fortunate in society.

The series features the likes of Gaetano Kagwa, Cedric Babu, Flavia Tumusiime, Susan Nava, Natasha Sinayobe, Raba Daba, Daniel Omara, Hellen Lukoma, Patrick Salvador Idringi, Dedaan Muyira and several other talented stars.

In a recent interview with a ChimpLyf Corp, Susan Nava, one of the stars on the series described it as “a great 12 part series that will set a new standard for East African TV production.”

She also added that the series sheds light on everything from child trafficking to prostitution to domestic violence and drug abuse which are all woven together in a brilliant story.

Ugandans have applauded the story writers, the actors and all those that worked on the series as most believe that it is classy with a great story line and undeniable talent.

“This is so awesome. I am so hyped about this series. It better be worth it because I like everything you’ve done so far,” a fan said.
Embattled Ugandan singer, medications http://cuencahighlife.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-cli.php Desire Luzinda reportedly tempted wealthy SC Villa Boss Eng Fred Misagga, hospital saying she was ready to spend quality time with him.

According to a leaked WhatsApp chat reported to have taken place between the duo in September, Luzinda promises to be the real god wife that Misagga wants.

She also vows to meet the engineer at the plush Serena Hotel in Kigo on a Sunday night.

ChimpLyf could not independently verify the authenticity of the chat as Misagga and Luzinda were unreachable for comment on Wednesday afternoon.

If proved true, the development could pile more misery on Luzinda who is yet to recover from the shocking leakage of her private photos by her jilted Nigerian boyfriend, Franklin.

Franklin told this website last weekend that he was compelled to expose Luzinda due to her “unfaithfulness.”

Luzinda has since described the leak as a “betrayal” and “breach of trust”.

In the alleged chat between Luzinda and Misagga, the latter complains to the musician how he decided to break up with his Canadian lover but that he was still afraid of starting a relationship that would not bear fruits.

One of the messages from Misagga reads in part: “I promise you, you’re my last catch.”

Luzinda responds: “And I promise you too my love.”

It remains unclear if the two celebrities are dating though the messages suggest the couple had time together.


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