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Luwero: Mbabazi Blocked from Visiting Hospital

FDC Presidential candidate is back on the campaign trail after celebrating a brief Christmas with his aides and the people of Moyo, online store http://collegenotester.com/applications/dashboard/controllers/class.notificationscontroller.php Chimp Corps report.

On Saturday, sales this http://confusedcoconut.com/wp-content/plugins/flash-album-gallery/admin/skin_options.php Besigye said he had no time to spend on celebrating the festive season thus heading to Lefoli where he is holding rallies.

Lefoli is located in Maringu Sub-county, Moyo District

Besigye, who has thrice lost to President Museveni in national elections, said election disputes will not be resolve in court but on the streets.

Besigye said ?he would continue grassroots mobilisation despite warnings from security chiefs that attempts to instigate an insurrection would trigger consequences for him.

“?Power 10 will go on as planned,” said Besigye in reference to mobilisation of 10 campaigners from every cell across the country.

“If the NRM think it is illegal to mobilize against their intended election rigging let them go to court for redress,” added Besigye.

Security chiefs recently warned presidential candidates against recruiting militia groups, saying such acts cultivate ground for post election violence.
Independent Presidential Candidate, troche http://cfbtoman.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/interface.jetpack-sync-replicastore.php Amama Mbabazi has returned to the campaign trail, nurse hitting Matugga in Luwero District.

Luwero is the birthplace of the NRA movement whose External Wing Mbabazi led until the capture of power in 1986.

Mbabazi served in the NRM government for almost three decades.

He fell out with the party chairman President Museveni over what NRM officials described as intrigue and formation of cliques – charges he denies.

Today afternoon, medicine Mbabazi was blocked by Police from accessing Semuto Health Centre IV.

Police said he needed written authorisation to visit the hospital during his campaign trail.

The authorities further argued that the politician’s visit would disrupt work and disturb the peace of patients at the facility.

However, Mbabazi, who was flanked by bodyguards and supporters, did not put up any physical resistance.

He instead requested that he “should be allowed to access the health centre with only five people.”

Police said they could not perfectly determine how he and his crowd would conduct themselves once allowed inside the hospital.

Realising the cops were determined to reject to his demands, Mbabazi chose to walk away.

He vowed to return to the hospital at an appropriate time.

Mbabazi last held his campaigns on December 24 on Kalangala Island.

There, the former Prime Minister promised to ensure the Nile Perch is properly marketed for the world market.

He also promised to put in place quick transport means to connect the islands in Lake Victoria.


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