Lungujja Chairman Speaks Out on Kaweesi Girlfriend House Siege

A soldier deployed at Mbabazi's home yesterday

The Local Council Chairperson of Sendawula Zone, Lungujja, in Rubaga Division; the area that recently became a center point of an infrequent security operation involving police and the army, has opened up on Christine Mbabazi, the girlfriend of slain former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

Chairman Kasule Semugenze told Chimpreports today that he didn’t know much about the 37 year old woman, although she lived in one of the flashiest mansions in the area.

Kasule said he first learnt about her name in a news story in one of the dailies about one month ago.

 “We were therefore surprised yesterday to see a team of security personnel in our area, which we later learnt was guarding a home of a woman, who we knew police was hunting for,” he said.

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The Chairman as earlier reported on this website, said he saw various groups of armed security personnel and the DPC of Old Kampala, with whom he went to Mbabazi’s gate.

“I together with some members of my council and some residents talked with the security officials at the gate and they later left us out and entered. At around 6:30 pm when the situation normalized and we were told that everything was under control, we left the place,” he said.

Kasule added that yesterday, most of the residents were in a fear, as more and more security officers descended on the area.

The chairman however, blamed the land lords of neglecting their duty of introducing their tenants to the LC 1 leadership, which he said was the reason he had never heard much about or met with Mbabazi.

The defence secretary of Sendawula Zone Ssalongo Emmanuel Kamya also said they had never seen the woman although  she has been a resident for months.

 “Some rich people take LC committees for granted; whereby even when they are purchasing property in an area, they simply finish everything in courts of law,” he said.

“We just see cars moving in and out, which makes our work hard because you can’t knock on to somebody’s gate asking for recommendation letters from their previous places of resident.”

Following yesterday’s standoff between police and the military at Mbabazi’s residence, and the subsequent take over from State House security, normalcy by Friday afternoon had resumed in the area.


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