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Lumumba Set to Face Furious NRM Delegates at Namboole

A forensic report by Uganda National Roads Authority has revealed that staff members at its station in Jinja engaged in illegal procurement through insider trading and doing business with fictitious companies.

Following a search and seizure raid undertaken by the UNRA commission of inquiry on the station, viagra http://demibahagia2u.my/wp-admin/includes/misc.php Executive Assistant Ms. Hariet Nagadia was found in possession of items including letter heads, sick invoices, blank, signed receipts and delivery notes of various companies.

According to the report issued on October 27, it was also discovered that companies were being paid but materials never got delivered.

Ms. Nagadia who is also the head of procurement at the station was found to have editable bidding documents stored on her computer which goes against the laws of procurement.

While appearing before the probe committee, the station Engineer at the time Mr. Kisubi Stephen denied having been aware that this was happening.

“When we get bid submissions, we evaluate them in soft copy and save them on the computer. But if these were in editable form, this was an irregularity and my Assistant should answer” he stated.

He went ahead to defend himself; “I couldn’t micromanage my staff because then I would lose my priorities. I had no business knowing what they were doing on their computers”

The information available to the commission shows that Shs 997 Million was lost between 2011 and 2014 in payments to suppliers (60 companies) who were not prequalified.

The former Station Engineer was faulted for using the Jinja local government prequalification lists without approval of the contracts committee at the UNRA headquarters.

Ms. Nagadia in her defense before the commission claimed she didn’t know it was illegal to possess the documents and admitted that her competency in procurement is lacking.

“The owners of these documents would forget them in my office and I’d keet them until they pick them. And my computer was used by other staff to print since they didn’t have their own computers,” said Nagadia.

The commission further established that parallel payments were made for repairing a company vehicle, Nissan Navara at a double cost of Ugshs. 12M and Ugshs.11M

In response to this, Nagadia claimed that her role in this was only to approve the procurement and that she thought it was authentic.

She recommended that UNRA upcountry stations have more qualified personnel to handle procurement and that adequate computers be provided for staff,


The Uganda Revenue Authority Commissioner General, search http://comeandcheck.it/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/inc/language-switcher.php Doris Akol, nurse http://cybermed.edu.my/wp-includes/class-wp-roles.php on Thursday led a group of journalists and officials from URA on a tour to the National Animal Genetic Resource Center and Data Bank NAGRC&DB facilities in Entebbe, http://crazytour.am/wp-includes/feed-rss.php Uganda.

The Purpose of the visit according to Akol was to show the public where and how part of the collected revenue is put to use.

NAGRC&DB being a fully funded government entity suited much in this mission.

Akol told journalists that it was not good to always give figures of how the authority spends the taxpayers money thus the need to actually show where it goes.

The National Animal Genetic Resource Centre and Data Bank is an organization under the Ministry of Agriculture that supports the implementation of the national Animal breeding policy.

At the embryo fertilizing facility

According to Dr. Daniel Kiwanuka Semambo, the director of the organization, this is done through conservation of indigenous animal genetic resources.

The Executive Director said the center also collects, generates, processes and stores information related to animal breeding and production.

The tour started from the semen collecting area where we were shown how semen is extracted from bulls and processed before artificial insemination is done.

An official explains how semen is collected from the bulls

An official explains how semen is collected from the bulls

The veterinary doctor in charge told Journalists that prior to carrying out Artificial insemination as a way of genetic material production, a selection of healthy breeding bulls is made.

He added that Nitrogen is used to freeze semen for storage as it is moved to different farms across Uganda.

Explaining why artificial insemination and cross breeding was being done at the facility, Dr Wilberforce Kifudde, the Technical Manager production, said it was a solution to low yielding breeds which are a major constraints’ in Uganda’s dairy sector.

A human being should consume 56kg of meat and consume 200 liters of milk in a year, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization.

“Improving productivity through cross breeding is what the National Animal Genetic Resource Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB) is mandated to do,” Kifudde explained.

He added that the centre makes different improved animal breeds by artificially inseminating and carrying out embryo transplants.

Officials and Journalists witness the actual process of inserminating a cow

Officials and Journalists witness the actual process of inseminating a cow

At the embryo fertilizing facility, Dr Jackson Mubiru said embryos are fertilized within the improved animal breeds and are then moved to other cattle that act as surrogate mothers.

The centre also uses sexed semen to get heifers that are then distributed to farmers thus increasing the available improved breeds.

Kroiler project

The Commissioner General also paid a visit to the Kroiler project under the NAGRC%DB.

At the Kroiler farm

At the Kroiler farm

A Kroiler Chicken is bred with indigenous traits. It grows faster and lays more eggs than the local chicken.

The Kroiler breed originated from Kegg Farms in India.

According to Mubiru, Kroilers grow faster, putting on 1kg for hens and 1.5kg for cocks by three months and 3kg and 4kg respectively by six months.

He revealed that unlike the local chicken, Kroilers are aggressive and feed continuously. “This explains why they put on weight faster than the local breeds,” he said.

Akol, who looked impressed and didn’t break a sweat throughout the tour, commended the National Animal Genetic Resource Centre and Data Bank for the job they are doing to improve the agricultural sector.

The director of the center noted that the lack of a development budget was one of the challenges faced at the centre.

He said that the organization has a lot to achieve once it gets enough funds
The National Resistance Movement party top officials on Wednesday rushed for a born-again prayer crusade to seek intervention following a devastating aftermath of the just concluded party primaries.

The Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba and her Deputy Richard Todwong yesterday evening sneaked from their headquarters at Kyadondo, unhealthy http://choladathaicuisine.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-automatic-updater.php that was being bombarded with losers’ petitions, click http://cvgfinance.com.au/wp-admin/includes/list-table.php to go to the presence of God.

The convoy of the duo stormed Nakivubo stadium at 7 pm where Synagogue Church of All Nations under Pastor Samuel Kakande had organized an evening crusade.

Lumumba and Todwong, http://clubcycloautun.fr/wp-admin/includes/edit-tag-messages.php who are well known Roman Catholics arrived and stayed around up to 11pm; attentively listening to the preaching and often getting on their knees for their prayers to be heard.

The NRM held this week held its parliamentary and LC5 primary elections and is yet to survive the subsequent storm.

When contacted on phone on Thursday, Todwong said he and Lumumba made their mind together to pray to God, but added that this was a normal prayer and not necessarily as a result of the party challenges.

“We went to the crusade together just like the people we found in the crowd. It was not because of those election things you are trying to bring up,” Todwong said.

“Disagreements and petitions are always expected in every elections and they are not a reserved of the NRM. We are expeditiously handling everything ourselves without seeking for any supernatural help,” Todwong added.

Many ministers and incumbent Members of Parliament lost the Tuesday poll including Ministers Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire, Jessica Alupo Nyombi, Nyombi Thembo among others.
Over 400 African and Nordic leaders, order http://claps-sante.fr/wp-includes/http.php including more than 20 ambassadors from Africa, http://ccsa.edu.sv/ccsa/templates/corporative/warp/helpers/event.php Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark have Thursday discussed how Nordic capabilities can be linked with African opportunities at the Nordic-African Business Summit in Oslo.

For the fifth consecutive year, the Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA) has hosted the largest Nordic-African business summit.

NABA seeks to promote business opportunities on the African continent, and serves as a bridge between Norwegian and African business communities.

The African continent hosts the world’s youngest, fastest growing urban population, and Africa’s economy must facilitate rapid growth and change in the coming years.

The Summit was held under the theme, Nordic competence linked to African opportunities.

According to Monica Mæland, Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Norway is committed to build further trade relations with the African continent.

“The Nordic-African Business Summit is one of the initiatives that help Nordic industries navigate the new investment landscape in African countries,” Mæland said.

“In 2010, the Norway-African Business Summit started with a simple idea: if we brought African and Norwegian business leaders together to share experiences, knowledge would increase, investments would accelerate and jobs would be created,” Eivind Fjeldstad, Managing Director of NABA said.

“Today, in its fifth consecutive year, the biggest Nordic-African Business Summit hosts 400 participants from the Nordic and African markets. Due to its great success, the Norwegian-African Business Summit has now become the Nordic-African Business Summit,” he added.

He said that NABA has since its establishment become an important, vibrant and influential meeting place for Norwegian companies and other stakeholders committed to doing business in Africa.

“The drive and energy of the NABA team has helped set the stage and created a great forum where we together can advance the promotion of more and better business in Africa,” says Øystein Botillen, Manager Global Initiatives, Yara and NABA Chairperson.

Also Present at the Summit was, Ashish Thakkar, CEO, Mara Group; Bob Diamond, CEO, Atlas Merchant Capital; and Jaakko Kangasniem, Managing Director, Finnfund.
On Sunday morning, see http://cloudninerealtime.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/updates/woocommerce-update-2.4.1.php Mandela National Stadium will open its doors to hundreds of representatives of the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] from all around the country, cost for this year’s National Delegates Conference.

As the national conference sits, dust will not have settled of what threatens to be one of the country’s most contentious internal party elections, witnessed last Tuesday.

The conference will be preceded by a set of other meetings including CEC and NEC, as well as election of the party’s special interest groups and league leaderships.

This afternoon, delegates for the various NRM leagues converged at the Kololo Independence grounds to prepare for their Friday meeting, which will culminate in electing their new leaders.

These are, the Women’s League, Youth League, Workers League, League for Persons With Disabilities, Veterans League, Entrepreneurs League, Elders League, Institutions league and the NRM Historical Leaders Forum.

Later on Saturday, according to NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba, the party Central Executive Committee (CEC), and the National Executive Council (NEC) will meet at State House Entebbe to adopt the National Chairperson’s Keynote Address and Secretary’s General Report.

Mrs Lumumba is expected to present to the two top governing bodies the report from the Chairman of the NRM Electoral Commission Dr Tanga Odoi, about Tuesday’s elections.

Sunday November 1st is when she will be facing the NRM Delegates at the National Conference; many of who have since Tuesday accused her secretariat of incompetence.

Several contestants in the LC5, Parliamentary and Mayoral primary elections blamed the electoral commission under Lumumba’s secretariat of poor preparations, which saw a number of polls suspended.

Mrs Lumumba faces an uphill task of explaining to the delegates a myriad of glitches that included leaked ballots, delayed deliveries of polling results, missing candidates on ballot papers, ghost candidates, as well as the subsequent malpractices, and violence.

She will be addressing NRM’s supreme committee for the first time as the party secretary general having replaced Hon Amama Mbabazi who was dropped last year.

The party Chairman Yoweri Museveni is nonetheless  insistent that the NRM secretariat is in better hands under Kasule Lumumba and her young and vibrant team.

During the conference which will run to Monday November 2, the delegates will also get to vote for their regional Vice Chairpersons, and the NRM Presidential flag bearer.

The following day at 10am, the flag bearer, President Museveni will be presented to the national electoral commission for nomination at the same venue, after which a grand nomination rally will be held at the Kololo Independence grounds.




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