Lukwago Blasts ‘Overzealous’ Kamya Over Nakivubo Stadium

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago addressing press earlier today

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has scoffed at Kampala Minister Beti Kamya as being naive and overzealous.

Last week, information pills Kamya penned a letter to city businessman Hamis Kiggundu and the board of Nakivubo Stadium asking them not to heed to resolutions by KCCA of halting development of the stadium.

In a letter dated March 10, ask Kamya said the decision to redevelop Nakivubo had been taken by cabinet in 2009 and had been stopped by the ‘illegal’ occupancy by park yard market vendors.

Addressing journalists at City Hall on Tuesday, rx Lukwago said he has never known of any cabinet decision as communicated in Kamya’s letter.

“Does she want to tell us that the decision was made silent by cabinet in 2009,”Lukwago wondered.

“Can she convince the public that the decision made in 2009 was awaiting her to implement.”

The Kampala Lord Mayor further blasted Kamya for writing to the board of Nakivubo stadium and Ham Kiggundu asking them to ignore any directive from KCCA in regards to the development of the stadium.

He said that every structure in the city is under the mandate of KCCA adding that it was wrong for the Kampala Minister to ignore resolutions by the council at City Hall.

“She is so naive when she says redevelopment of the stadium can go on without the involvement of KCCA.”

Lukwago said redevelopment of the stadium which is a national monument cannot continue without approval by the technical wing of KCCA contrary to what Kamya said in her letter.

The Lord Mayor said that the Kampala Minister is trying to ‘tinker’ with the rightful process of the law which he said cannot be accepted.

“She behaves like she is possessed by a ghost and is overzealous. Her decisions are of no legal consequence.”

Recently, KCCA ordered for a halt to the redevelopment of Nakivubo stadium saying the developer doesn’t have an approved plan.
The KCCA council resolved that the fence surrounding the demolished park yard market be put down because it was done illegally.

However, Kampala Minister Beti Kamya wrote to the developer asking them to ignore any directive from KCCA in regards to the development of the stadium.

“For us(KCCA) we are complying with the law as she violates it but soon we shall we shall see who is right, “Lukwago retorted


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