Lukwago Aide, 9 Others Charged Over Electoral Reforms Rally

Lukwago's aide(L) with other suspects in the dock on Friday afternoon

The Court Martial Court of Appeal has this afternoon reduced the ten-year jail sentence which was handed to Lt Col John Kaye by the Makindye General Court Martial in February after being convicted of murder.

John Kaye was found guilty of murdering Kabuye Steven in 2011 while at his home in Nalumunye Wakiso district and was sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

Kaye successfully challenged the court martial for neglecting all the testimony which was given in favor of his defense and went ahead to convict him of murder.

The court chaired by Justice Elly Tulyabona while pronouncing its judgment, treat made it clear that the ten year jail term was to too harsh for somebody who accepted to have committed the offence and reported himself to Nalumunye Police Post where he made a statement.

The court of appeal also upheld the claim that the murder was in self-defense and that Col Kaye was apologetic, sale hence deserving of a more lenient sentence.

Tulyabona in his judegment was irked that the court martial had decided to disregard the evidence that the accused carried out the crime in self-defense, having proven that he was indeed injured by the deceased.

City Hall Grade one Magistrate Moses Nabende has charged 10 people including embattled Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s aide Deo  Mbabazi for being a public nuisance as they organized a rally to discuss electoral reforms on Thursday morning at Nsambya.

The others included Moses Oboke, clinic Godfery Mugisha, try Sam Kalule, Isaac Kaddu, Bonifred Ssenkungu, Bashir Ibanda, Medard Mugumya,Ronald Kafumbe and Musoke Ssenkusu who were arrested on Thursday afternoon at Sharing Hall Nsambya, where opposition politicians had organized a rally on electoral reforms.

State prosecutor Jackie Kyasimire told court that the accused and others still at large had organized a public rally to discuss electoral reforms but without permission from the concerned authorities.

“The rally was to be addressed by among others Dr.Kizza Besigye and Erias Lukwago to discuss electoral reforms which still being discussed by parliament. The manner in which the rally was to be held would lead to breach of peace in the neighboring areas,” said the prosecutor.

She said investigations into the case are not yet complete and she therefore requested for more time.

However, the accused asked for bail but the Magistrate referred them to May, 19, 2015 when their application would be considered and further remanded them.

On Thursday afternoon police led by Kampala South RPC Siraje Bakaleke swung into action arresting opposition politicians Dr.Kizza Besigye and Erias Lukwago for holding an unlawful assembly at Nsambya sharing Hall where they were to address the public on the government’s proposed electoral reforms.

“The public order management law stipulates it that whoever wants to hold a rally has to obtain permission from the concerned authorities; which they didn’t follow. We could not allow them address such a big number when we are not aware,”Bakaleke told Chimpreports on Thursday.


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