Lugogo Bombing Case Nears Closure as Suspects Finalize Defense

President Museveni has told the people of Kamuli in eastern Uganda to rest assured that plans are underway to have all their major roads upgraded to the required standard.

Museveni who was addressing a rally at Namasanda village, no rx Bugabula South constituency in Kamuli district on Wednesday said that unlike in the past when government relied much on donors to fund most of the projects including roads, salve now there is money enough money.

“We are going to tarmac Kamuli- Bukungu and Jinja-Buwenge- Mbulamuti roads whereas surveying of the Kamuli-Bukungu road has been finished and government is looking for the contractor,” Museveni said.

He added,” We are looking at tarmacking the Iganga-Kiyunga-Bulopa- Kamuli, Kamuli- Namwendwa –Kaliro the Jinja –Budondo-Mbulamuti- Kamuli roads and another 22km for roads within Kamuli town.”

President Museveni arraives at the rally wiht area MP and Speaker of Parliment Rebecca Kadaga

President Museveni arrives at the rally with area MP and Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga

The president however said that this will only be possible with prioritization where the most important projects are handled before others, adding that with this method there is nothing government cannot do.


Museveni at the rally spoke against people “preaching gospel of sectarianism” based tribes and religions, dubbing these people Satanic.

“We should not look at ourselves basing on religion or tribes but as a country and region; this will help us prosper,”

On the issue of poverty that the people in Busoga and other parts of the country are languishing in, Museveni said   that through prioritization government will now put focus on increasing funding for NAADs, youth, women and microfinance as a way of increasing people wealth.

Museveni said it is useless to boast of having development through roads and electricity when the people have nothing in their pockets, stressing that his main focus is seeing people get well off.

“When we talk of development, it is for us all but individually many of you are doing badly. It’s now upon government to see that when you return home you have some money in your pockets.”
Thirteen people accused of participating in the July 2010 terror attack at both Kyadondo Rugby Ground and Ethiopian Village in Kabalagala have finalized their defense, viagra buy all denying partaking in the attacks.

While appearing before the trial judge Justice Alifonsi Owinyi Dollo, salve the last two accused persons Mohammed Ali and Ahmed Isa Luyima distanced themselves from the charges of murder, attempted murder and belonging to the terror group Al Shabaab.

Isa Luyima, a Ugandan working in Mombasa Kenya and a former librarian at Kampala International University backed his innocence with the fact that he previously worked with the global humanitarian organization Red Cross.

“When I was still in Uganda I was a member of the Uganda Red Cross Society and I used to donate blood to help save peopl’s lives ,” he said.

Luyima added that he is a passionate football fan who supports KCCA FC, and that he would have no reason to murder innocent football fans watching a game.

Luyima also denied allegations that he trained with Alshabab terrorists while in Somalia, stating that he has never been to Somalia.

“I have never received any such training. My parents tried to take me for Scout training when I was still young but I was rejected for lack of interest. Later on I was further persuaded to join mchakamchaka but I declined because of the harsh training.”

Muhammad Ali, a Kenyan and final defendant also denied having planned the attack with another defendant Nyamandondo as alleged by Prosecution.

The judge has set the 25th to 27th January for defense’s submissions and 28th and 29th for prosecution’s submission. January 30th is when court will consider the submissions and then assessors will give their opinions the following week.


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