LUGOGO BOMB TRIAL: “I Risked Being Beheaded if I Refused”

Idris Nsubuga testifies before the Kampala High Court

35 Year old Idris Nsubuga on Wednesday afternoon told High Court that he risked being beheaded if he didn’t heed to the instructions of detonating bomb given to him by one of his accomplices and bosses during the mission.

“I was afraid; there was no way I couldn’t detonate the bomb on that day as we had agreed before executing the mission. Isa Luyima had warned me that his colleagues would trace and behead me if I didn’t do what they instructed me, tadalafil ” Nsubuga told court presided over by Justice Alphonse Owiny- Dollo during cross examination on Wednesday.

According to the inmate at Kigo Prison who is now serving a 25 year jail sentence for masterminding the July 2010 Lugogo bombs, case he was convinced that all he was doing was in the  name of the holy war in a bid to punish the non-believers who were against Islam.

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Nsubuga said he had never been a member of the Al Qaeda or the Al Shabaab terror group and explained that he was under strict instructions to execute the mission though he knew the danger that waited if he detonated the second bomb at Lugogo.

“By the time I detonated the bomb I very well knew that many people would lose their lives but I thought it was the right thing to do at that time. But the moment I saw the news on TV that many people had been killed, prescription I shed tears. I was remorseful and I regretted what I had done and repented to God.”

Kampala High Court where the hearing is taking place

Kampala High Court where the hearing is taking place

“We went to Kyadondo and I saw many people having fun and we felt this was a good target because we wanted to kill as many people as possible. But now I admit having a lot of blood and lives of Ugandans on my hands,” the Makerere University Bachelor of Commerce drop-out told court on Wednesday afternoon.

When asked whether he had been instructed to attack State House, the president, the army chief or the police chief he would go ahead an attack them, Nsubuga said this would be difficult because these dignitaries have tight security around them but noted he had no grievance against any of those persons.

Nsubuga confessed that after being arrested, he felt he had done great harm to the country and penned a letter to President Museveni apologizing for killing innocent Ugandans who were watching the World Cup finals at Kyadondo.

“In late October I wrote a letter through Joan Kagezi (RIP) to the President apologizing for the gruesome act that I did. I sought audience from him in a bid to apologize to the nation,” the remorseful Nsubuga said.

The case resumes on Thursday morning for further cross examination.  Thirteen people including Hassan Luyima, Hussein Hassan Agade, Idris Magondu, Mohamed Hamid Suleiman and Yahya Suleiman Mbuthia are charged with among others terrorism, murder and being part of the Al Shabaab terrorist group after masterminding the July 11, 2010 twin bombings at Kyadondo and Ethiopian Restaurant in Kabalagala that left more than 70 people dead.

Other suspects include Habib Suleiman Njoroge, Isa Ahmed Luyima, Abubaker Batematoy, Dr.Ismail Kalule and Seleman Hijar Nyamandondo


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