Locals Relive Kaweesi’s Life of Progress at Send Off

The body arriving at Rubaga church today (1)

The remains of the murdered police director and spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi were today last laid to rest at his home in Kyazanga in Lwengo District.

Political leaders, no rx police leaders led by IGP Gen Kale Kayihura, thumb numerous government and local leaders, clerics, the business community, all and sundry gathered to say their goodbyes.

A rare breed of civil servant, a comrade in arms, a local hero, philanthropist, and educationist …numerous praises and honors were poured out about departed officer who was shot dead on Friday, a short distance from his Kulambiro residence as he set out to work.

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“He was my PR, he was in fact my fire fighter,” eulogized the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura, reliving the times he had just been appointed at the helm of the police force and only Kaweesi was available to help him build rapport with other police officers. “He was my comrade-in-arms”

At the funeral service, the widow of Kaweesi Mrs. Annet Kaweesi who in hours is expected to undergo C-Section, called up government, the police force and the rest of country and pray and give the bereaved family moral support.

The widow went on thank President Yoweri Museveni and the police leadership for standing with them in the trying times.

The funeral service which started minutes before midday attracted hundreds of mourners from Kampala where Kaweesi served in different portfolios in the police top leadership.

In his message, the Bishop of Masaka John Baptist Kaggwa enumerated a number of accomplishments made by the fallen police officer in his area, among them a water dam project, and a local church that he helped complete.

“Even this road that comes here, it wasn’t like that this a few years ago; it was Kaweesi who went and brought caterpillars which paved it. He has also brought electricity to this part of the area and many people have benefited from it. Kaweesi was a great lobbyist and an organizer,” mourned the man of God.

The deceased was also praised for helping elevate the education standards in the district by encouraging parents to keep their children in school.

“In October last year, Kaweesi, who is not an MP of this area went and brought UNEB examiners who helped guide our O’Level candidates ahead of their exams,” said one of the local leaders.

Kaweesi’s former boss General Edward Katumba Wamala who recruited him in the police force 16 years ago also had a handful to say about the person of the slain officer.

Kaweesi join police in 2001 as part of the recommendation made by the Lady Justice Sebutinde Commission, to recruit more educated people in the force.

He joined together with a number of offices including CP Fred Enanga, CID Boss Grace Akullo, Semeo Nsubuga among others. He happens to be the first person in this group to pass away.

“I remember I had a hard time trying to take him away from Ntungamo where he was deployed to take him to train others; I even got a phone from ‘above,’ about the transfer,” said Gen Wamala.

“But eventually I got him and together we started Kabalye (Police training school) against many odds. First they gave us that vacant piece of land and we had nowhere to start. We told the other trainers to start making bricks to build structure. We got some cadets to work the mud, and Kaweesi supervised the brick making and that is how Kabalye, now a great school started.”

“At the time I left police, I had made him my Aide De Camp. He was a humble person, yet if you gave him a task, you needn’t follow him up.”

Kaweesi’s second boss Gen Kale Kayihura, like in his previous speeches, recalled how the deceased helped establish fully in the police force, having come from the UPDF.

He noted that with his wide range of leadership, Kaweesi would have been anything,

“You could put him anywhere and he’d shine, be it in parliament or the army. He was a cool human being, reliable and efficient.

Meanwhile, Gen Kayihura revealed to the relief of mourners that some progress is being made in the hunt for the suspected killers, saying that a number of them are already in custody. One of them he said had been arrested while trying to flee to the DRC.

“It is good that we have been shaken out of our complacency, and now like you have heard, the President has ordered for installation of CCTV cameras in cities and towns,” said the IGP.

AIGP Kaweesi who died aged only 43 left behind three orphans and one unborn child



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