Local Engineers Want UNRA to Consider Their Proposals

Eng. Michael Daka (R), Chairman Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers appearing before the commission on Wednesday

The Kilak county Member of Parliament, healing what is ed Gilbert Olanya has been brought in court four days after his brutal arrest from Parabongo Sub County.

Olanya who was detained at Masindi Central Police Station since Monday was this whisked to Gulu town where he was arraigned before the magistrate`s court.

Reports from court indicate Olanya was charged with several counts including threatening to kill the Amuru Local Council five Chairman, Atube Omach.

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We are following the development.
The Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers has presented its grievances to the probe committee investigating corruption in UNRA.

On Wednesday, more about Eng. Daka Michael the Chairperson of the Association appeared before the commission to make a presentation on the group’s setbacks and proposals.

He expressed dissatisfaction over the continued sidelining of local contractors in favor of foreign firms during UNRA projects.

“The sector is weak but nobody else will build the local contractors. Their capacity needs to be developed” he said

Eng. Daka proposed that regular engagement between the body and UNRA so to unlock the existing bottlenecks.

The association also demands that more realistic securities such as professional indemnities be considered.

“The depreciation of the dollar is also a big issue. Usually the procurement process takes long and the exchange rates will have changed. We propose that payment be made in both shillings and dollars”

Other recommendations included; involving consulting engineers in tender action processes, ed holding prequalification online to reduce human interface and to speed up the process.

Commissioner Abraham Nkata advised that consulting engineers take responsibility of growing the sector instead of crying foul and acting defensive about their failures.

Justice Bamugemereire was however concerned about the association’s representation of special groups.

“How many women, sickness disabled persons are represented in this association? This has an effect on your performance because you lack a different voice.”

“Women engineers should be visible and taking leadership, if not democratically then through affirmative action”

The Association Chairperson promised to take the issue into consideration.


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