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Live: Uhuru Kenyatta Projected To Win

10:00: Results from 73% of the votes have been counted. Incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta still leads with 7618943 votes (54.5%) while Raila Odinga follows close with 6241496 votes (44.65%).

1:25am: Results from more than half of the polling stations show Uhuru remains in the driving seat with 55% against Raila Odinga’s 43%.

9:44pm: Uhuru Kenyatta stays ahead as more votes are tallied.

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Uhuru stays in the front seat as more votes are counted

Uhuru stays in the front seat as more votes are counted

9:15PM: President Uhuru Kenyatta’s early lead shrinks further to 55% from 57%, while Raila Odinga gains one more percentage point (43%)

15% of the total vote has so far been tallied.


7:35: Uhuru ‘s lead drops to 57.5% while Odinga gains by 2 points


7:30pm: Incumbent Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta was enjoying an early lead shortly after the start of ballot tallying.

The voting exercise which began as early at 6:00am across the country was termed by Kenyan media as seamless.

The Kenyan Electoral and Boundaries Commission was providing the results of the ballots so far counted, which showed that Kenyatta was having a slight cushion over the other candidates.

By 7pm, results from 2642 out of 40883 polling stations indicated that Kenyatta had 385649 votes (59.61%)

His closest contender Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Party had 256582 votes (39.66%).

Voting ended by 5:00pm in most polling stations and vote tallying followed immediately.


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