LIRA: Health Specialist Petitions RDC over Theft of Drugs

A public health specialist in Lira District has petitioned the Resident District Commissioner, case Robert Abak over the theft of medicines from the government health facilities in the area.

Over the weekend, site all local radio stations in Lira were rocked with the stories of disappearance and the recovery of drugs in the homes and clinics of health officials.

On Sunday police raided the home of the district Secretary for Production and Marketing, more about Anthony Ojuka where the marked government drugs estimated at over Shs 16m were recovered.

Meanwhile in Amach Health Center IV in Amach Sub County, two officials were arrested for stealing medicines and selling them in their clinics.

In his petition, Odongo revealed that the local government and health center officials always manipulate the distribution chain of drugs supplied by the National Medical stores, with the intentions of stealing them.

“When medicines are supplied to government health facilities by NMS, they are received and signed for by the Health Unit Management Committee (HUMC). They are then supposed to be stored in the facility’s medicine stores deputized by the stores in-charge,” part of the petition that ChimpReports got a copy said.

Odongo wants the office of the RDC to cause the audit of distribution of government drugs in all health facilities in the area.

“It would be pertinent to audit the management of medicines flow at this facility to identify gaps and design.”

“Medicines and other health supplies should only be released from the store to the various departments after requisition approved by the facility in-charge. When medicines are dispensed to clients, they are logged into the dispensing logs and balanced before another requisition is made. Along this path, there should be a paper trail that can be audited.”

Odongo also wants the RDC to form a committee involving the district Secretary of Health and Social Services, District Health Officer, District Medicines Supervisor, In Charge of Amach HC IV, representatives of the Office of the RDC, CID and the Civil Society Organizations working in the governance, accountability, and health sectors to probe the matter for a long term solution.

“I advise that you constitute a working group to investigate and make recommendations to solve this problem in a more sustainable manner.”

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