Liberation Day: NRM MP Decries ‘31 Years of Hiccups’

Kashari South MP Nathan Twesigye Itungo

Kashari South Member of Parliament Hon. Nathan Twesigye Itungo has highlighted what he termed as ‘hiccups’ that littered the 31 year reign of the National Resistance Movement.

The MP said yesterday that besides the numerous achievements registered by the regime under President Museveni especially in pacifying all parts of the country; there still existed a lot of apparent hiccups that ought to be addressed with urgency.

As the country today marks 31 years of the NRM reign, physician Hon Itungo said he was dismayed by the growing levels of poverty especially in rural areas.

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“It is undeniable, side effects the government has done a lot but we still have these hiccups. The people are very poor, clinic the service delivery in nearly all sectors is below the desirable standards; there is a long way to go,” said the MP while speaking to Chimpreports in Mbarara.

Amidst all these challenges however, and while government endeavors to address them, the MP urged Ugandans not to forget where the country has come from, lest they drive it back there.

He thus called upon his constituents and all Ugandans to join in celebrating the today’s Liberation Day, noting that the NRM government is still focused on creating change.

Amidst all these hiccups, I think we still need to celebrate what we have attained,” he said.

“At least we have infrastructure in place and among others there is paramount peace in Uganda, especially looking at what is happening in the region”

This year’s Liberation Day celebrations will be held in Masindi Town at the Golf and Sports Club grounds under the theme, Uganda’s Success Story Under NRA/NRM Leadership is A Shared Victory.”

President Yoweri Museveni Museveni is expected as chief guest and a number of regional and overseas dignitaries.


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