Legislators Demand Transfer Of Soroti University Secretary

Soroti University now under construction

As tension continues gripping families living in the disputed piece of land in Aputon Village, cialis 40mg Arapai Sub County in Soroti District which is being claimed by Soroti University, hospital MPs from the Region are calling on President Yoweri Museveni to intervene and transfer the current Soroti University Secretary Ms. Ruth Acimo, this web who they accuse of stirring the tensions.

In a joint media briefing held Sunday in Soroti town, Mps Bishop Patrick Okabe (Serere County), Hellen Adoa (Serere Woman), Elijah Okupa (Kasilo County), Cosmas Elotu (Dakabella County), David Abala (Ngora county ), Jacquiline Amongin (Ngora Women), Kenneth Esiangu (Soroti County), Kenneth Ongalo Obote (Kalaki County), Julius Ochen (Kapelebyong County) Viola Akurut (Katakwi Women) and Joseph Andrew Koluo (Toroma County) asked President Museveni to make a decision on the worsening  land saga.

According Mp Abala, for a peaceful co-existence between the people of Aputon and the University, government needs to bring in a new and unbiased face that will be able to negotiate with the residents.

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“Acimo can’t hold her tempers. At this point there needs a new person who can act not by force, but maturely”, Said Abala, who is also spokesperson of the Teso Parliamentary Group.

Abala noted that the current situation has forced the locals to stop trusting even the security operatives in the district and the community feels locked out.

“We went on Saturday to Aputon and people told us they can’t listen to what the Secretary tells them because she is untrustworthy. People told us Ms. Acimo is connected to people who are forcefully grabbing land from them,” He said.

Elijah Okupa the Kasilo Mp recommended for immediate disbandment of the University taskforce headed by Prof. Ikoja Odongo Robert.

Okupa noted with concern that the way people of Aputon are being dragged out of their land, property looted and houses destroyed by people he termed as warriors.

“You cannot destroy people houses and you don’t want to be touched. Those people are killers. I recommend the taskforce be disband and the current University administration transferred”, Said Okupa.

Meanwhile The Teso Parliamentary Group (TPG) Chairperson Bishop Patrick Okabe warned the Staff at Soroti University to stop evicting the people of Aputon saying they must follow a court order that was issued stopping both the applicant and the defendant from further opening new sites but remain doing works in already opened fields.

In March, Soroti grade one magistrate court presided over by Grace Wakooli ruled that Soroti University should not forcefully evict the residents but must come into mutual understanding and accept to compensate the residents occupying the said land.

Speaking in light of this, MP Okabe warned Soroti University against acting in disregard of a court order.

“These people have just settled from a war, and now out of nowhere, this group is here to destabilize them,” he said.

At least 20 households have been rendered homeless following a night eviction last month which was reportedly orchestrated by Soroti University Secretary Mrs Acimo, who however, denies it.



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