Lawyers Fueling Corruption in Judiciary- Principle Judge Bamwine

Principle Judge Yokoram Bamwine(in suit) at the function on Friday.

The Principle Judge Yokoram Bamwine has blasted lawyers as being largely responsible for the high corruption levels within the judiciary.

A recent survey by the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) revealed that the judiciary at 79% was second to police in the most corrupt institutions in the country.

Addressing lawyers during a  function on Friday to commemorate 60 years of Uganda Law Society at the High Court in Kampala, web Bamwine said lawyers cannot be taken out in the cycle of corruption by the judiciary stressing these contribute a big percentage .

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“Most of you think corruption is by only those employed by government but it is not true. Lawyers too are corrupt, find ” Bamwine said.

“Many of you (lawyers) have a tendency of collecting money from clients to take it to judges and in most cases it stops at your desk. The judiciary is corrupt because you the lawyers are part of it.”

The Principle Judge said that if the practice of corruption is to be fought, the lawyers too have to be involved because they are part of the circuit.

He said that the judiciary has made efforts to fight corruption within the temples of justice but noted that concerted efforts from other members of the public are also necessary in the fight.

Bamwine urged lawyers to refrain from demeaning the judiciary, an institution they studied law in a bid to serve.

The Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Ogwal said their office would at all time be willing to help in the fight against corruption at all levels.

“If any judicial officer is brought before the Anti Corruption Court, we are ready to let the law take its action on them,” Ogwal told lawyers.

Francis Gimara, the Uganda Law Society President at the event acknowledged that some legal practitioners are involved in practices contrary to the profession but warned these are to be dealt with.

“This year’s theme is to rekindle legal practice. We can’t accept those who want to erase this noble profession,” Gimara said.

“Any client who realizes a lawyer is asking them for money to bribe judges should report them on top of changing them for another lawyer.”

The Uganda Law Society president urged the members of the public to always desist from tendencies that encourage corruption.


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