Lawyers Discredit ‘Thug’ Government Witness in Kabamba Attack Case

Some of the Kabamba Barracks attack suspects

The Minister of Works Hon. John Byabagambi has admitted that UNRA is marred with corruption and irregularities which are evidenced in long procurement processes.

Hon Byabagambi who was appearing before the probe commission as a witness on Tuesday said that he was forced to disband the whole Contracts Committee at the roads Authority in 2009.

“There’s no doubt UNRA was/is a young authority that is struggling with lack of capacity, side effects view understaffing and managerial challenges” he said.

The Minister also commented on the failure to follow contract procedures by the Authority which he said was abnormal. He mentioned that delays in work progress were the fault of both the contractor who had inadequate and unreliable equipment but also blamed UNRA for not playing their supervision role.

“The contractor [Dott Services] always hid under the inefficiencies of the client to make more profit. General conditions of contract demand that for every delay, web there’s a cost incurred. You can’t issue a commence letter without strip maps and the design”

Hon. Byabagambi denied being privy to information that the contractor was paid Ugshs 30bn for 509 days of idle equipment instead of 8 months. He further condemned UNRA’s concealment of information from the Solicitor General which resulted into an illegal contract process.

On why UNRA and the Minister appeared to be siding with Dott Services and his failure to push them to deliver, drug he noted; “My participation was limited to supervision and guidance. What I was interested in as Minister was whether the contractor was on site and progress”

“I am worried about your attitude about contractors. My fear is that under your supervision we may continue to see contractors do shoddy work and get away with it” probed Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, the Commission Chair.

However the Minister refuted this claim and said he didn’t know a lot about Dott Services as a company. “I am on record for discrediting contractors who underperform and in this project I didn’t exonerate Dott Services. They ought to have had the required equipment” said the Minister.

Byabagambi promised to fast track the formulation of Regulations guiding UNRA especially land acquisition policies whose absence has always delayed road construction.

Justice Bamugemereire asked that former Works Minister, Hon. John Nasasira also appears before the commission of inquiry since some of the intricacies fall in his time of tenure.
Makindye General Court martial has been asked to drop Private Bakwanya Moses, price the fourth prosecution witness in a case where fourteen people are accused of participating in plans to attack Kabamba barracks in September 2013.

This request was made by the defense lawyers led by Jude Mbabaali after a cross examination in which Bakwanya contradicted himself in a number of questions which were put to him.

Bakwanya told court that he was aged 35, illness but later said he was not aware of when he was born or at what age he joined the army.

Quizzed more about his education, viagra buy having heard him speak fluent English, the witness said he had never stepped a foot in class and that he learnt all the English in two months after joining the UPDF.

“The witness is telling lies to court because we all know very well that for anyone to join the UPDF they  must have minimum qualification of O Level,” submitted defense council Mbabaali.

Defense asked court to adjourn this matter up to October 21st October when they will submit in court documents showing that this witness is not credible.

“In our next sitting we are going to submit to court proof that the witness is a thug who was remanded to Luzira after being convicted of robbing a mobile money outlet at Buganda road. We shall also produce documents indicating that he went to school although he has denied it,” submitted Mbabaali.

14 suspects namely Lt Paul Eguma, capt Hilman Bosco,Lt Ronald Mwavu,Private Sekajja Kenneth,Hajjati Nassim Namuzimule,Semwogerere Marvin,Sgt Ndugga Musaazi, Mukiibi Ali, Lumala Salongo, Biyimbwa Herbert, Kiwanuka Francis, Kibirige Peter,Kibuuka Patrick and Matovu Solomon were charged with treason and concealment of treason for allegedly trying to overthrow the current government.



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