Land Title Stalls Construction of DP Headquarters

Artistic impression of the planned Ben Kiwanuka House

Democratic Party, viagra 60mg the country’s oldest political party has for over 60 years of existence failed to construct its own party headquarters.

The party in recent years developed a plan to put this embarrassment to history, viagra approved but not with the ceaseless huddles standing in the way.

In 2015, side effects the then National Chairman, Mohammed Baswari Kezaala told the media that the party had successfully settled all the pending financial requirements to procure land in Rubaga Division (Block 8 plot 1212), where they’d erect a state-of-the-art headquarters and name it after their founding father Benedicto Kiwanuka.

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More recently, the party president, Norbert Mao when asked about the plan, revealed that construction was kicking off soon; but this hasn’t happened.

Chimp Reports understands now from credible sources that one of the hindrances so far, is that the land title has not been transferred into the names of the party and is still in the hands of the old administration of Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere.

DP's land in Mengo is now being used by car washers

DP’s land in Mengo is now being used by car washers

Sources tell us that after the purchase of the land whose foundation stone was laid in 2004 by Ssemwogerere, the land title was handed to the then Organizing Secretary, Mzee Damiano Lubega who was at the center of all the transactions of the land.

“Since by that time, political parties were not registered entities and could not own property, the group chose to register the said land title in the names of Mengo Teachers’ Cooperatives Saving and Credit Society,” a source revealed.

Incidentally, members of the cooperative used the title to secure a loan which they failed to clear until the party intervened two years ago and the loan was settled.

However, by the end of last year, the land title was still in the names of the Credit Society which has stayed the construction of Ben Kiwanuka House to commence, the source says.

The land Foundation stone

The land Foundation stone

Despite Mao’s administration clearing the loan, Semwegerere, Mzee Lubega and the party elders have refused to effect transfer of the land title to the party’s names.

DP says currently all the architectural work was finalized pending approval from KCCA, which can’t be secured unless the title is transferred.

“Mao’s opponents have often times approached Ssemwogerere urging him not to hand over the land title to him; in fear that this would earn him (Mao) a lot of points,” A source hinted.

ChimpReports made efforts to reach Mzee Lubega who our reporter met in his office at Mengo Teachers SACCO in Lubaga who revealed that he handed over the land title to Ssemwogerere; advising us to contact the latter for all details.

However when contacted, Ssemwogerere declined to make any comment concerning the party’s property in question to any media person unless it is a party member.


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