Land Ministers tell Politicians: Stop Misleading Public on Proposed Law

Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Hon. Betty
Amongi has announced plans to address land conflicts in the country

The Minister of Lands, stomach Housing and Urban Development Hon. Betty Amongi and the State Minister of Lands Hon. Persis Namuganza have lashed out at politicians who are misleading Ugandans to create an impression that government’s seeks to grab individual land through the proposed land Act amendment.

The two Ministers insist that the amendment is in public interest and shouldn’t be politicized.

During a press briefing on Friday, treatment Hon. Amongi said; “the law seeks to deal with individuals who adamantly reject government compensation for their land and delay public services.”

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She stated that countries like Ghana, Kenya and India adopted a similar law where the government acquires land and compensation is done prior and during project implementation.

For individuals who refuse the offer, money is deposited on their accounts and government proceeds with construction.

“I dispelled claims by politicians that this a ploy to grab land especially in Karamoja. Surprisingly, the same politicians who misinform Ugandans have already titled their land,” Minister Amongi told journalists at the Uganda Media Center.

As opposed to allegations that the proposal seeks to provide private land for investors and compulsory acquisition, Amongi clarified that the amendment is to deal with the intricacies surrounding land
acquisition for public works such as roads, electricity, piped water, water dams, schools, health and education facilities.

If enacted into law, where majority have accepted compensation during land acquisition, government will have a lee way to continue negotiations while works proceed ‘in the public interest’.

“The public should remain calm and debate this proposal on the basis of its merits but not along political lines. It will be put before Cabinet and thereafter, the Ministry will take it to the public for comprehensive consultations.”

In a similar stand, the State Minister of Lands Hon. Namuganza criticized opposition political figures who selfishly misguide Ugandans. She said land is a very sensitive issue that requires caution before attacking Aruu MP Hon. Beatrice Anywar for her recent remarks.

“Hon. Anywar can’t say that the proposed land reforms shldnt be accepted in Gulu yet she uses roads while travelling from Kampala to her home area. Some politicians are just opportunists trying to win media attention.”

She stressed that individuals shouldn’t sabotage government projects which benefit majority.

“Somebody in Sembabule has derailed a whole regional railway project simply because they refused there was a grave where the railway was supposed to pass. Other sick people refused compensation along the northern bypass,” she said.


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